Author Topic: Columbia University Adjunct Professor of Contemporary Tibetan Studies speaks  (Read 3031 times)

Solomon Lang

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Prof. Robert Thurman better listen to this:

"As you know, the exile authorities do not accept that there is a ban on Dorje Shugden practice in certain quarters, and does not accept that there is discrimination towards Dorje Shugden practitioners within the exile community.  If you had read the PRI article, you will have noticed that my view is the opposite on both these questions."
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Its really funny and bizarre that the CTA seems to be shooting itself in the feet by saying there is no ban. WHo do they think they are fooling, all stratas of the Tibetan people are across the globe and have access to the internet. Tibetan people and the world at large is not easily swept on by nationalistic rhetoric and argument, and neither are they are Germans under the oratory power of Hitler in the late 1930's.

They are acting out a play that everyone can see where it is heading a supreme downfall.
Tibetans have spoken there is a BAN, foreigners and tv crews have spoken there is a BAN, Dorje Shugden practitioners (have better things to do than protest and write on social media) have spoken there is a BAN.

It is this unrealistic attitude of the CTA which will bring down a greater downfall for tibetans in the future, Tibet was loss to China as a result of this ostrich burying head in the sand attitude.