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Thanks for sharing your story and inspiration to do more Manjushri mantra! I see that having the ability to foretell the future will help steer the ones in need towards the right guidance and direction out of harm.

I have been told that experiencing bad dreams are also a form of purification.

These are a few signs of purification from the result of Buddhist practice if one dream of:-
1. Many tiny worms falling off as one combed their hair upon completion repentance practice
2. Flying towards space, bathing him/herself in the purity of the universe from all dirt and impurities
3. Consuming white stuff and vomiting dark matter
4. Black worms crawling out of one's pores
5. Principal deity giving one a discourse
6. One swallowing the sun or moon
7. Chasing away a black ox or a bad tempered horse
8. Ascending to the lion's throne
9. Entering into the palaces of buddhas and bodhisattvas
10. Seeing one's body emitting white light
11. One's body giving out a fragrance
11. Ascending a white mountain
12. Riding on a Dharma ship across the great ocean

This is an interesting topic because I have had many deja vus. My experiences of deja vus leaves me baffled because I would dream of a place I've never been to and then I would actually visit the place a few years later. Or I would dream of meeting my friends or family in a certain place and then it actually happens. I would remember the same situation, as though I'm rerunning a movie in front of me; same place and people.

I told my teacher about these experiences I have been having and he told me to recite Manjushri daily. It will enhance this aspect of me. My teacher said to have the motivation of realising Enlightenment when reciting, then this skill of mine to foretell the future in my dreams will be more vivid. I guess it's a by product of Manjushri practice. It doesn't reflect on our attainments though. It's just an acquired skill that we can all develop to benefit others.

Our mind is very powerful. It takes more advance practices to tap into the fullest potential of our mind that we can never imagine we possess.

The following is an interesting article and video of deja vu.

Please click here. [url]]] [url][/url]