Author Topic: The Kali Yuga: World Affairs & Protection  (Read 3779 times)


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The Kali Yuga: World Affairs & Protection
« on: August 30, 2013, 09:37:26 PM »
Following are some paraphrased comments by great Yogis regarding the circumstances in this quickly degenerating era:

- We need to have compassion for the world leaders, especially the US president

- When there is nuclear war, we need to use wishing love as well as taking and giving

- There are so many developments currently taking place in our world that cast many shadows on human life and survival. Whatever happens, all that is important is the mind that we have, and that the suffering we are witnessing will help us to know this world for what it is and be happy to leave it behind.

I highly recommend people inform themselves via independent news vehicles such as to gain a greater perspective on world affairs. There are many things such as the Fukushima emergency and major economic collapses, however, the developments with war on Syria is particularly alarming due to the players involved and what words are being exchanged that are generally not being conveyed by corporate media.

Informing ourselves can assist greatly in giving us the impetus to prepare ourselves to be of real help to others. In America we've had a good run, nice conditions, and many people have their heads in the sand because we are attached to our way of life. This head in the sand phenomena is called "normalcy bias" because we are biased in thinking life will always continue on as normal. We have forgotten the desperation and great loss in our history that shows us shit does happen, and when we look at the kinds of shit taking place at this particular point in time, it becomes clear that things will not always be as they are. We are not in complete control of our personal and collective karma, and what is ripening is a real eye opener. There is a great deal of information at sites like so I will not go into detail here.

Guarding the mind from hate is very important, and familiarity with protection wheels is of particular value, especially the Vajrabhairava command wheel activities. Ultimately, everything appearing to us is a dialogue between our mind and the Lama. We are being given lessons and challenges to help refine our consciousness, that is all.

I wish everyone and their connections protection and peace. May the Protector show us how we are the Protector!