Author Topic: Myanmar's monks draft law banning marriage between a Buddhist and a Muslim  (Read 10583 times)


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I agree with you Jessie Fong. This sort of law will not come good for human right. From the aspect of human rights, the should be no such banning of interfaith marriages. Every human being deserves the right to marry their right partner regardless of their religion. Even in Buddhism, as far as I know,  there is no 'law' that restricts a fellow Buddhist to marry a Muslim. By forming such laws, Myanmar monks might irk a few parties especially Muslims. This will not help the boiling conflict issue happening now in Myanmar.

Why would one even begin to restrict the marriage choice of individuals? The marriage of 2 parties be it of the same faith or different can only be determined by the parties involved, no other.

For the Sangha to come out and restrict the marriage of Buddhists with non-Buddhists orMuslims for the matter, is undaerd of and unnecessary.

The sanctity of marriage is by and of the 2 parties and no religious parties should intervene.