Author Topic: Science is relevant to the understanding the ultimate reality  (Read 3798 times)


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Recently, I did a quick rereading of one of my early and favorite book. It is called "The Dancing Wu Li Masters" by Gary Zukav. I would say after reading this book about 25 years ago (in my teens hehe) my mind start to open up to the wonderful possibilities to the universe..or universes...or better still...The Cosmos.

We can get this book at the book store, from Amazon and also as downloads. Here is a link on Youtube for an introduction.

The Dancing Wu Li Masters by Gary Zukav Small | Large

Basically, to explain the laws of the Universe, scientist need to resort to "eastern religion" namely Buddhism.

It came up with 3 possible ways to explain the universe:

1) The Great Machine - The universe is a Great Machine. That means everything is pre-determined.

2) The many world interpretation - Multi universes. Each time a decision is made by us, our universe splits into universes for every of the possible choices. For example, if we chose left then, one universe will have us going left and another has us going right. So, that means that there are many versions of universes that have us in it but we are only conscious and can live in this one.

3) The super luminal theory - There are communications that are faster than the speed of light. Light is theoretically the faster thing in the universe but to explain how the universe works, there need to be something faster. For example, scientists know that is 2 electron were to come into contact with each other and go on its way in opposite directions, each electron seems to now what the other is doing and will do something else in respond. Since, electron is traveling at the speed of light, there must be some form of communication faster than the speed of light - ie Super Luminal.

My personal favorite is number 3).

What do everyone think?