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Channeling for S.E.A.T, a member of United Nations
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And you thought the most impossible people who are willing to listen to channeling?

In 1995, 1996, 1998, 2005, 2006 and 2007, Kryon was invited
to come to New York and channel for the Society of
Enlightenment and Transformation ) S.E.A.T, ... a member
of the United Nations Staff Recreation Council.

The six selections below are the full stories and transcribed channellings of these six New York meetings, given in the committee rooms and auditoriums of the United Nations building in New York, not too far away from the General Assembly. These events were attended by United Nations staff, delegates, S.E.A.T. members, and guests (not open to the public, except the one in 2007).

See what Kryon had to say in 1995...

"The Enlightenment Society is one of the fifty member clubs of the United Nations Staff Recreation Council. It was founded in 1975, and its objective is to provide divine service to United Nations staff, delegates, mission staff and guests. Every month a speaker was invited to enlighten, transform, inspire and entertain an audience of about 40-50 people. The five members of the executive committee of the Society were hard-working staff members of the United Nations who organized these events in their spare time and offered them during the lunch period. The deepest purpose of the Society matched that of the United Nations - to bring peace to our planet. Under the fine direction of Mohammad Ramadan in1995, Kryon was only the third channeled entity to be invited in the past few years for these meetings and it was going to happen in just a few moments. Today (2003), the S.E.A.T. is still alive and well!

We had been briefed on the protocol, and we were dressed accordingly. Jan was wearing one of her normal high-fashion silk outfits, with a vest of her own design. She had chosen forest green, a conservative color to honor the formality of the day. I was in a basic black suit with a silk brown shirt and matching tie. Never had we presented Kryon in such a formal way, but this was different, and we could feel the energy around the event as soon as we arrived at 10:30 a.m."

See what Kryon had to say in 2009...

You're beginning to think to yourself, "Could this be real? Is it possible that the man in the chair is actually in touch with the other side of the veil?" I'll give you 30 seconds to feel it, to discern it, for there are those here who can. It's an astute group here... those who will know that the energy is real or not. We don't need much time, we don't need the music, for in this moment angels enter this place and they sit upon your laps in whatever way you wish. Spirit wishes you to be comfortable with your own discernment and these messages of truth. For this day in this place I will give you the potentials of what you're facing. We will look at the immediate future and the distant future, indeed, for we have done this in this building many times before.