Author Topic: Fa'afafine: "Where is God?"  (Read 15984 times)

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Re: Fa'afafine: "Where is God?"
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Please do not blame "God". Why? As buddhist, I believe that many gods exist in the gods realm because of good karma. Beings in the gods realms has a lot of pride. So, one of them claimed to be the creator of the world. So for me the "God" that all the Samoans are talking about exist but is not the creator. So to blame him is like blaming sun when it is too hot. We cannot blame God for all the malice and suffering of the world.

It is actually humans who cause all the sufferings. It is the humans in the churches whatever the denomination that decreed the law that outcasted these Fa'afafine. It is very correct for the Fa'afafine to ask "Where is God". What a good question? It is also the same question for all who are suffering to ask "Where is God?". If God exist, why are we suffering? Don't it apply to us all?

Actually, we are the cause for all our suffering.


The sad truth is we always try to find a scapegoat, in this case, many will find it easier to put the blame to "God". Due to their own discrimination thought, they would just conveniently use "God" or a religion decree to justify their further actions...

Well, Fa'afafine is right to ask this question "Where is God?"  If there is the so-called "Creator God" then why create the 3rd Gender for others to discriminate, to suffer?