Author Topic: NEW VIDEO! Vairochana Shugden’s (Shize) iconography  (Read 7941 times)


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NEW VIDEO! Vairochana Shugden’s (Shize) iconography
« on: December 20, 2012, 04:44:14 PM »
A new video has just been released on! This is the first of many more educational videos we will be doing to spread the good word about Dorje Shugden and all of his forms, benefits and functions.

If you can only hate what you don't know...let's make sure everyone knows about Dorje Shugden so they can't hate him! If you have any suggestions for new videos, please email them to [email protected]  :)


Vairochana Shugden’s (Shize) iconography

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One of the four cardinal emanations, Shize is the embodiment of Dorje Shugden's healing energy. His form is particularly efficacious for dispelling sickness, spirits, misfortunes and hindrances. Like all Buddhist deities, every part of Shize's holy form carries a profound meaning and is a teaching to guide us to Enlightenment...

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Re: Vairochana Shugden’s (Shize) iconography
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2012, 07:55:28 PM »
Dear Admin, thank you very much for this new video. In fact I was just browsing the website to look for Shize's mantra when this video was posted. Very auspicious. And by the way, I thoroughly dig the muzak.

Every bit of Dorje Shugden and the five Forms carry so much meaning and speak so loudly of Dorje Shugden's objectives and none of them even hint of what people accuse Dorje Shugden of being. Shize's while hued body reminds me also of White Tara, and just like the goddess, Shize is pure as he grants longevity.

I especially like Shize's holding of a lance adorned with silks and a mirror. The mirror is the witness of light and clarity and allows us to see clearly own flawed ways. In Buddhism the mirror is a symbol of emptiness and clear consciousness. It is the enlightened mind that reflects everything impartially, without distortion and shows all phenomena to be like mirror images that are void of inherent existence. Mounted on a lance, the silks and the mirror, which to me, represent the Buddha's wisdom and clarity of the truth of all phenomena, is to be used as as a potent weapon against our delusions and afflictions.

Through our propitiation of Shize, he binds our monkey mind and our harmful thoughts and actions with the noose he holds in his left hand, firm enough to retraining us from harm to ourselves and others us and yet gently enough never hurting us, never forcing us.  Shize's noose is his tremendous powers to subjugate and gently draws us to the Dharma he represents and protects. the imagery is beautiful.

Shize's long robes tells us of his conviction to his Bodhisattva vows to help all beings and never to harm. And the golden turban to me shows the regality of this King who bestows the harmony of the the twin joy and prosperity. The turban reminds me also of where the great sage Nagajurna hails from, and also the treatise of Madyamaka that Dorje Shugden has taken oath to protect.

The elephant can be our powerful wild mind that can run amok, but when subjugated as Shize has, it is a strong and resolute mind to seek the Dharma with the dexterity of the long trunk to reach and grasp far reaching realizations.

Shize, like the other forms of Dorje Shugden is a joy to behold and when we realize what Shize represents we also come to be aware of what Dorje Shugden wants of us.

Thank you for his beautiful post and video.


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Re: Vairochana Shugden’s (Shize) iconography
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2012, 06:09:17 AM »
Oh My I loooooove this!!! LOL... It is very creatively put together... the song very apt though I see more visuals then just Vairochana Shugden...  but that's my imagination of more then just image of Dorje Shugden :) More like a whole campaign of feel good life style concept...

It is really excellant to see you guys always coming up with different and new ideas to send the message out or to help educate the world to create awareness for our cause. Yes and every single publicity be it good or bad sure is publicity. I can imagine what those anti-us would say next.

There are definitely more of those who do not know about Dorje Shugden and what's really happening out there, they are just following the sheep trend mentality and are too lazy to investigate further. Seeing this would irritate them further, hopefully further enough to plant an imprint. Then there are those who also do not know much but is neutral... and those that don't know at all who will either ignore or click to find out more depending on their karmic connection and conditions. But for sure this site is providing more info and education then any other sites and you guys have done a brilliant job by presenting it in a way that suits today's people and trend. It's good to use the tools of samsara to bring Dharma... brilliant!!!


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Re: NEW VIDEO! Vairochana Shugden’s (Shize) iconography
« Reply #3 on: December 22, 2012, 04:08:10 PM »
Hahaha well he and his friends certainly are misunderstood, amusing choice of music. @dsiluvu I saw some of the comments on the Facebook post before they were deleted by admin. Couple of trolls calling Shize a devil and whatnot.

Sometimes when I see how people are able to ignore truth and evidence thats pressed up right against their noses, I think either their too embarrassed to admit they screwed up and initially believed the wrong information, or its just such heavy negative karma, they cant see the truth anymore, let alone accept it.