Author Topic: Indian Buddha dating back to 6th century on exhibit in Hong Kong  (Read 6051 times)


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What a fantastic exhibition of such holy statues! Even as curios, they can definitely plant imprints into the minds of people who merely see them. Exhibitions like these attract thousands of people to look at curiosities, it will plant Dharma imprints into their minds. It also reaffirms that Buddhism is a time tested tradition that has a long list of success stories, strengthening the faith of people who view the statues. This does not include the blessings that these statues may open up.

An exhibition titled Transforming Minds: Buddhism in Art, which is showcasing in Hong Kong is featuring two prominent buddhas, originally from India. On view are 13 ancient artworks from the Rockefeller Collection dating back to the 6th century, along with some contemporary works by leading Asian and Asian-American artists. The exhibition that celebrates religious art, shows how traditional Buddhist art has been adapted and interpreted by local cultures from India across Asia over time. The beginning of Buddhism can be traced back to India of fifth and sixth century BC. One of the works on display is a copper alloy work from the late 6th century and another a Crowned Buddha Shakyamuni from the Pala period of the 11th century.

Other works include carved Buddha images in stone and wood as well as painted on cloth, aside from works by four contemporary artists giving their own take on Buddhism. Besides the exhibition that is on till July 22, the Asia Society Hong Kong will also be holding a public lecture series on the religion, a Buddhist film festival, and an educational series to educate local school children on the art, culture, and diversity of Buddhism.Since the exhibit opened in February this year, it has seen over 10,000 visitors from all over the world.