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Many of us experience anger. Some people can let it go after a short time, and some people may hold onto for a long time. Anger attracts more anger. When you are angry, you will attract more angry situations in your life. Darkness seeks darkness. Anger is one of the most damaging emotions to the physical body. Anger hurts your heart spiritually and physically, and closes it off from being able to experience love in other areas of your life. It can eventually over a period of time lead to a physical illness.
If we react to a situation with negative emotion, the trace left in the mind will eventually ripen and negatively influence a situation in life.

Instead of either of these negative responses -- being driven in our behavior by the karmic tendency or suppressing it -- we can take a moment to stop and communicate with ourselves and choose to produce the antidote to the negative emotion. If someone is angry with us and our own anger arises, the antidote is compassion.  Inducing it may feel forced and inauthentic at first, but if we realize that the person irritating us is being pushed around by his own conditioning, and further realize that he is suffering a constriction of consciousness because he is trapped in his own negative karma, we feel some compassion and can start to let go of our negative reactions. As we do, we begin to shape our future positively.


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i believed that most of buddhist know what is the repercussion of anger and try to avoid it but due to our habitual of holding the anger and never let go for years therefore it not so easy for us to let go of it.

To change to not have anger in one day is impossible but to cut it down by be aware of what happening will help us to reduce anger or not hold it such a long period like the past.

One of method that the teacher, parent, senior people advice me is to count 1-100 when i feel i getting angry with someone, this way it help me to realise about my anger and i can let go of it faster. But some times that i not aware of my anger and quickly response with bad reaction towards the anger and regret about it.

i will say that if our mind always be with present, aware of what we doing and feeling all the time, it will help us to reduce the anger until no anger arise.