Author Topic: Red rage: China to strip Tibetans of minority status?  (Read 22460 times)


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Re: Red rage: China to strip Tibetans of minority status?
« Reply #15 on: March 03, 2012, 04:12:33 AM »
It occurred to me as quite strange that we human beings feel that we should fight for the rights of our race, fight to defend our country, fight to preserve our culture...and often we are ready to die for our cause. Where does this passion come from that we are willing to die for it? Where does this great sense of ownership and belonging come from? And in all our fervor doe we forget that we are fighting for something that Impermanence and Death will never let us keep anyway?

What is the value of our nationality, race, political leanings and views, the demarkation of our land on the title deeds and so on, when we die? When we die does it make a difference to our soul or mind if we died with Chinese or Tibetan nationality? Does having a Tibetan nationality automatically entitle us a place in "heaven" and a Chinese nationality a place somewhere else?

Is it not more worthwhile to defend something that can benefit us as well as all sentient beings from life to life? Is it not best to defend at all cost a great Protector practice that identifies the real enemy as Samsara and not a nation.

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Re: Red rage: China to strip Tibetans of minority status?
« Reply #16 on: March 03, 2012, 04:52:11 AM »
The thing is, Vajratruth, we still need to live this life as a human being with 5 aggregates intact and very much in-need of a 'nationality' to live in a particular 'country' to enable us to practice the so-called dharma to obtain 'attainments' and 'realisations' for us to 'save all sentient beings from drowning in this sea of samsara'... the harsh truth here is we are still very much limited and restricted by the samsara's rules!

Look how HH Dalai Lama have to run away so that he can continue to serve Tibetans and sentient beings; and similarly look how much difficulties the Dorje Shugden practitioners have to go through just to uphold this holy Dharma Protector's practice for the sake of helping spreading Lama Tsongkhapa's teachings.

As such, in the same manner, if the Tibetans in China are not allowed to continue with their traditions and to practice their religion based on their pure lineage, there is no 'saving sentient beings' to talk about anymore. Nothing is left of the pure teachings of Buddha there, only left with commercialized 'Buddhism' to attract tourists to the authentic monasteries for worldly wealth. How much can you trust a political party run by a group of communists who do not have any belief in Buddha Dharma but is determining the spiritual leaders of Tibetans; like what we already witnessed in the many cases of identifying reincarnation of high lamas.

Do not comment with views looking at the crisis by standing in your own country but try to visualize yourself living in Tibet under Chinese's rule. What is your future? What will happen to your practice once you do not have your identity as Tibetan anymore? What will happen to your children, will they be taught Tibetan language so that they can study the Dharma texts? Are they allowed to learn pure Dharma without distortions?