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Another “rimey” dzogchen celebrity defending sexual abuse. Now Dzongsar brazenly supports depraved Sogyal, and people keep falsely accusing Peljor of “defending sexual abuse”!

Copy-pasted from Peljor's website at

Guest Post By Joanne Clark
As a woman living in a Western country with laws, as a liberal with a subscription to The New York Times, and as a follower of HH Dalai Lama, I found the recent statement from Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche regarding the troubles at Rigpa to be deeply disturbing. I stopped reading after he said that students who spoke out against Sogyal Rinpoche’s behaviours had broken samaya—and that Vajrayana masters might even break Western laws if they needed to and there was nothing students could do. There was a moment, after reading this, when I had the feeling that I could no longer continue as a Buddhist. I felt physically ill.


Then I regained my perspective and remembered that Rinpoche had advised readers to finish reading all 10,000 words of his article before judging. So I thought maybe he had something to say that would ameliorate his horrible claim. I slogged on through. What did I find? After dropping what I considered to be an ethical bombshell, he simply continued blithely onto other subjects. He distracted. By the time he finished, the main point—that a Tibetan, Vajrayana lama, who had been given asylum in a law-abiding, Western country, could break the laws of that country, could rape and beat women, and if his students spoke out, they would go to hell—was lost.

I am not saying that Rinpoche doesn’t make some good points in the article, though he makes some points that I question and some points that seem a little trivial to my mind. I mean, I really don’t think that the press treat Buddhists badly or are to be blamed for this situation! Nonetheless, none of the points he makes speak directly to the fact that students are being harmed. None of them show any compassion or concern that suffering might be occurring. All of them are mere shiny objects that distract from that point. Students then find some distractions or antidotes that they like, such as the point that we have to communicate better or that lamas have to warn students about Vajrayana—or the quips about the New York Times—and then they forget the main point.


And once people start losing their outrage and being distracted in this way, then momentum is lost. Students slogging through all 10,000 words of this article become side-tracked and lose their shock. They forget that this is about fellow students being harmed—and about students who would defend them being silenced. Their clear ideas of right and wrong are diminished. I cannot help but wonder if this isn’t an intentional strategy—why else did he request that students read the entire article? Why did he refuse to have it edited? I cannot help but wonder if this is not the first step towards business as usual at Rigpa centers.

And in the context of the clear, economical statements made by HH Dalai Lama and Mingyur Rinpoche, this rambling, disconnected rant seems very troublesome. And I fear that while, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche might act very hip, he is clearly coming from an ancient, misogynistic view point and students need to not lose sight of that. Women have worked too hard to get where we are now. Rape is rape and it is not the victim’s fault. This stand has taken millennia to sort out and as a woman, I appeal to students: Don’t let yourself be duped!

Of course, Vajrayana is meant to be practiced in secret with a few qualified students and a highly qualified master. When this happens, it is a truly precious path and rules of samaya and pure perception can be upheld in unexpected ways. The stories of Milarepa and Naropa are examples of that. However, when the qualifications of the Vajra masters erode badly and when the Vajrayana is given to unqualified students, then it is hard to speak of pure perception. Then it’s a difficult situation, not one that can be resolved by black and white rules of samaya, such as the ones laid down by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche in his article. There is no clear-cut solution. Then we need the guidance of clear sighted, gifted leaders who are prepared to take courageous steps.

This is not a movie. This is about sentient beings who are suffering, really suffering, and needing clear guidance at this time. They are needing to retain their discerning wisdom and compassion, which are the bases of the strength and courage required by the Mahayana and Vajrayana. And wrong is wrong. To say otherwise, in the context of pure perception, borders on nihilism in my very humble opinion. It puts blinkers over our eyes, eyes that we need in order to navigate our way to enlightenment.
General Discussion / Re: Is Peljor defending sexual abuse?
« Last post by Matibhadra on Today at 05:07:08 AM »
Peljor should really disrobe and stop humiliating Buddhism and monkhood.

Whatever Peljor is doing wrong cannot be compared to the wrong done by several members of this forum including you who falsely accused him as you do right now of “defending sexual abuse” just in order to cover the infamous dzogchen playboy Sogyal's depravity and sexual abuses.
General Discussion / Re: Is Peljor defending sexual abuse?
« Last post by Gabby Potter on Today at 04:50:17 AM »
Peljor should really disrobe and stop humiliating Buddhism and monkhood. He's setting such a bad example for people who merely know anything about dharma and what he does it that, he further drifts people away from dharma through his actions. Wake up Peljor! Stop collecting bad karma!
I think by saying that if we find contradiction if the Dalai Lama's teachings we should not follow the teachings, His Holiness is encouraging us to apply our inquiring and investigative mind in trying to comprehend the teachings and not merely applying blind faith.

Of course. As much as excrement encourages bacteria to decompose it.

Indeed, our analytical mind is like the beneficial bacteria decomposing the nauseating waste of lies and violence which are the actual “teachings” of your cult leader, the evil dalie.
General Discussion / Re: Tibet is Better Off under China
« Last post by Matibhadra on Today at 04:34:44 AM »
It is strange that China and other western countries human rights issues are being mentioned here, but nobody mentioned the human rights transgression performed by the Tibetan government in exile.

Actually this has already been said by your own original post, which states that “Tibet is Better Off under China”, thus implying that under the evil dalie's pro-Western theocratic puppet rule Tibet would be worse off.

Still, since Big Uncle remarked that “it is typical of the West to portray China as a xenophobic bully and hellbent on segregating and destroying Tibetan culture and so forth”, a discussion developed about Western countries' own human rights violations.

Therefore, just what is actually strange here is that you try to save the face of your depraved cult leader the evil dalie while trying to blame the “CTA” for his horrific crimes against humanity, which shows how politically motivated are your comments.
This whole thread shows that the only sensible solution for sincere Tibetans exiled in India is to renounce separatism, return to their homeland, and become good Chinese citizens of Tibetan nationality, thus joining the other 55 (official) nationalities living in freedom, peace, and prosperity within the great Chinese civilization.

Indeed, why should a Tibetan abandon their own roots and homeland just in order to become an Indian citizen? Specially as Shugdenpas are concerned, why should they become citizens of India, the very country refusing them constitutional protection against religious persecution, and brazenly supporting their unscrupulous oppressors?
General Discussion / Re: Dalai Lama attacks 'self-centred' Vladimir Putin
« Last post by michaela on August 18, 2017, 07:02:31 PM »
After criticizing Puttin not long ago, the Dalai Lama is now praising Russia. Maybe someone has advised him to make amends considering that one the significant figures of Tibetan Buddhism, Telo Rinpoche is based in Russia. In the article below, the Dalai Lama also expressed his wish to visit Russia. I wonder whether Russia will issue a visa for the Dalai Lama.


Dalai Lama: Russians can change the world and become leading nation

Russians can change the world, spiritual leader of the followers of Tibetan Buddhism, the Dalai Lama XIV said.

In his opinion, Russia has an enormous potential to become the leading nation in the world. "Russia is a great nation, and geographically Russia is a bridge between the East and the West. Russia has a huge potential of natural resources, new ideas, respect for each other, the joy of being human. I think Russia will be able to distribute its opportunities correctly. Russia has the potential to become the world's leading nation," the Dalai Lama said.

The spiritual leader also admitted that he would like to visit several regions of Russia.

Earlier, the Dalai Lama urged the world community to conduct a dialogue with the Islamic State terrorist organization (banned in Russia). "One has to listen and understand, show respect in one way or another, there is no other way," the spiritual mentor said.

Dalai Lama: Russians can change the world and become leading nation
General Discussion / Re: Tibet is Better Off under China
« Last post by michaela on August 18, 2017, 06:49:17 PM »

It is strange that China and other western countries human rights issues are being mentioned here, but nobody mentioned the human rights transgression performed by the Tibetan government in exile. They have discriminated Dorje Shugden practitioners, put them on the hit list, denied them employment opportunities, and encourage other Tibetans in exile to also discriminate against Dorje Shugden practitioners. Nobody should forget about that.

It is undeniable that China has a history of human rights issue, but so everybody else including the CTA. The fact of the matter is Tibetans in Tibet are enjoying the economic benefit and prosperity under China's rule, something that the CTA would never be able to give.
Mr. Rex Tillerson has shown sympathy to Tibetan cause in the past, so it is understandable that he is encouraging dialog between the CTA and China which has not happened since 2010. Mr. Donald Trump himself has never mentioned or shown any interest in the Tibetan issue and the Dalai Lama.

Put the rhetoric aside; I think sooner or later China should talk with the CTA about the fate of Tibetan refugee in exile because the CTA is just a temporary government body in exile and should not exist on a long-term basis. For this dialog to happen, the CTA officials should stop condemning and blaming China on every possible occasion. I hope the CTA would not only think of themselves but also think  for the greater group of Tibetan refugees in exile.
3) Saying that youth shouldn’t think of short-term benefits (such as taking a passport) and must retain exile identity, what about the Tibetans at the top posts, including the President of CTA, who possess foreign passports/stay permits rather than RC?

I like this particular question. If the CTA is suggesting that the youths shouldn't think of short-term benefits (such as taking an Indian passport?) what kind of incentives that the CTA can offer to them in the long run?  We should not forget that most of the CTA officials including Lobsang Sangay have foreign or Indian passports themselves.  If the CTA  believes in the brighter future for Tibetans in exile who maintain their refugee status, then why do the CTA officials quietly hold either Indian or foreign passports?
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