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« on: October 31, 2010, 08:18:38 PM »
Please be aware that  a troll called 'note' is posting the following libels about Dorje Shugden and about us, his followers.  I have reported it to Mods on Freesangha.  Please watch out for it elsewhere:

''Dolgyal or Shugden is no dorje (vajra).

Dolgyal or Shugden  is a gyalpo which is a class of beings. Many of them, but not all, can cause problems for people specially at this era. Some were bound under oath by Guru Rinpoche to serve the dharma. Dolgyal was a human being who broke his samays to his guru, the great 5th Dalai Lama. The current 14th Dalai Lama is a definite reincarnation of the fifth and the 13th, who also banned the evil gyalpo worship, as many including himself have said. So people worshiping this evil gyalpo are knowingly following a self confessed major samaya breaker who fought against his main guru. Then he was reborn as a gyalpo.  He emerged in the village of Do and that is why he has been called Dolgyal through the centuries and his evil followers who he sends to hells are known as Dolgyalpas. Even Pabongka who wrote initially to a Chinese general to invade Tibet to take over the country and to kill and destroy other three schools of Tibetan Buddhism and also the large number of decent Gelugs who opposed him told his close friends if they have not started worshiping the gyalpo spirit not to start doing so. He tried to stop but said the spirit threatened him. At first he gives his followers a measure of worldly success but then he binds them into his hell-bound mandala and finally gives them terminal diseases and specially madness. But the remedy to this little pathetic gyalpo is simple. It is wrathful practices of Padmasambhava, specially Guru Dragpo version of Vajrakilaya,  by a qualified lama whose refuge tent will also protect the former dolgyalpa.

NKT is part of the wider network of dolgyalpas. Many Chinese security people in Tibet are joining them as they heard initially he gives them money. They have not heard about the diseases and madness and going to hell that he also promises in his more esoteric revelations to his top followers in their older texts. A few years ago they tried to take a statue of this evil spirit into Ganden monastery inside Tibet. The Gelug monks threw out the few evil people and their pathetic statue as most Gelug monasteries under threat of death still follow the glorious Dalai Lama. The few men came back with armed Chinese police. The Ganden monks heroically threw the armed police and the few dogyalpa traitors out with bare hands. The Chinese police called the army and by force of heavy weaponry they brought the evil statue in. The beat up and arrested hundreds of monks, several of whom are still in jail and will be for years. Then the Chinese secret police decided they needed overt armed presence inside Ganden. So:

* Chinese secret police has made 2 police stations insdide Ganden and more in other major Gelug monasteries.

* Shugden's Dolgyalpas collaborate and inform to the secret Chinese police.

* Dolgyalpas are collaborators and sometimes attend interrogation and torture and execution sessions.

* NKT collaborates, communicates and coordinates with their brethren Dolgyalpas inside Tibet via Chinese secret police.

* Dolgyalpas are paid large sums of money by the Chinese secret police inside and outside Tibet.

* One of the Chinese overseas intelligence funding links to their NKT spy network is a well known fake lama in Milan Italy who lives in fabulous luxury.

* Dolgyalpas are murderers who chop to pieces ritualistically and hack to death lamas outside Tibet as with the lama and his two monks in Dharamsala a few years ago before running over the border into Lhasa's secret police base where they were spotted.

* Dolgyalpas support the death of the hundreds in recent years and jailing and torture of thousands inside Tibet by their overt Chinese paymasters and controllers.

* All Dolgyalpas, including western NKT cult victims, share in these evil murderous collective karma by being in that demonic mandala and that is why their stays in the hells will be very long after their short miserable lives.

* Dolgyalpas support the kidnapping of the child Panchen Lama (unprecedentedly condemned by even the UN against a permanent security council member as state child abuse) who has not been seen for years. Because even as a child along with his parents he opposed Dolgyalpas and supported the Dalai Lama.

* Dolgyalpas say the official Chinese fake Panchen Lama whose parents are known security agents might be false but they support him because he is against the Dalai Lama.

* Dolgyalpa traitors are hated by the Tibetans diaspora and even more so inside Tibet by the Tibetan nation under suppression.

* NKT is synchronized by the overseas Chinese intelligence as we saw during their coordinated campaign against the Dalai Lama in the States & Europe during the Olympic summer.

* NKT has been recognized as a cult by a couple of cult watch dog bodies.

* NKT encourages its victims to have less contact with their families if they oppose the cult.

* NKT has invented a new religion by saying taking teachings from other Tibetan schools and the majority of Gelug lamas who oppose their demon worship is forbidden.

* NKT secretly condemns Je Tsongkhapa because he had gurus from other schools including Nyingmas.

* Kelsang Gyatso is not a geshe as documented publicly by his former monastery in a famous communique. He never finished the official stages and necessary tests as all his contemporaries testify.

* His basic level books are written by others, mainly his non-Tibetan lieutenants.

* NKT is a centrally organized financially fraudulent cult.

* NKT secretly organizes orgies for monks and nuns under vow as revealed by their ex-members who also pointed out that some of these are even funded by the cult in hotels and the expenses are claimed back in taxes.

* NKT is basically a non-Tibetan organization made up of American & European cult victims organized by corrupt figure heads as revealed by many of their recent high ranking defectors.

* NKT is a cult with systematic sexual abuse built into the organization for the middle and higher echelons.

* The 1st non-Tibetan heir apparent to the dying Kelsang Gyatso was quietly retired and sent off into the background after ex-members revealed his sexual abuses.

* The 2nd non-Tibetan heir apparent to the dying Kelsang Gyatso was quietly retired and sent off into the background after ex-members revealed his sexual abuses also.

Links for current NKT cult victims:*/ (link to the archive of the''

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Dear Yeshe

Thanks for the tip. Many shares the same view as "note".

Despite Dorje Shugden being accused and criticized, his practice is spreading all over the world.  He is the most talked-about protector. And I am much appreciative of this website as it gives unbiased information for people to learn and form or rather re-form their thinking and views.



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Keep the sarcasm out of all posts always. Some posts deemed unnecessary have been removed.

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