Author Topic: How the TGIE treat their high lamas  (Read 11632 times)


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Re: How the TGIE treat their high lamas
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I don't think we should just focus on that part of the text. Right after Trijang Rinpoche writes about how the government treats lamas, he also talks about the lessons he learnt from it, or the effect it had on him spiritually. He didn't make any judgements about the characters or qualities of the people involved, so perhaps we should refrain from the same. Is it spiritual to keep finding / pointing out duality?

Thinking about this unstable nature of samsaric happiness and sorrow, endlessly and constantly fluxating as fast as lightning, made me want to forcefully renounce the essenceless things of this life and immediately go into the mountains like an injured deer, to soak myself in the nectar of the three isolations.

Yes, just as Dharma Defender had pointed out Trijang Rinpoche did not let the situation pull him down or take position to condemn any one; instead deep realization  arose from him and made him want to get out of this "essenceless" life.

Trijang Rinpoche's example shows us how to transform difficult situations into the path and really take essence of the precious human life.