Author Topic: Why We Should Not Over-Criticize the Dalai Lama  (Read 27074 times)


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Re: Why We Should Not Over-Criticize the Dalai Lama
« Reply #30 on: August 19, 2012, 04:56:11 PM »
TK is not only wise but speaks in accord with dharma.

Buddhas advice had always been for us to not dwell on things which bring no benefit and to go for things which bring benefit.

The exhortation here is not to OVER-CRITICIZE .

It is not to stop you from expressing opinions. After we have done our analysis and given an opinion, we should move on to doing  things that benefit us most. If DS practice had given us benefit, and our faith is strong, a ban like this may shake us momentarily but should not throw us away. Not especially when we have a very good angle to consider based on the larger picture principle. Moreover, enough is enough and we should not let these issue become a preoccupation and distract us from our path.

Thank you Kurava for this reminder. I used to spend a lot of time considering the merits of the "Bigger Picture" theory and wasted a lot of time constructing various arguments for and against the theory, all in my mind. Exercises such as those may have been exciting but in fact did very little to help lift the ban or help me in my spiritual development.

I still strongly disagree with the Dalai Lama's decision to ban the Shugden practice and I still feel the grief suffered by so many practitioners as the result of the ban . But I know I can create no benefit whatsoever by being angry and moreover I doubt if Dorje Shugden needs me to seek justice on his behalf. Come to think, I don't think a great enlightened Protector like Dorje Shugden is even bothered about justice being done to his name. 

But that doesn't mean that I should just keep quiet about it. There is a big difference between writing against the ban because the idea of the ban, and the false reasons behind it offends my own mind, and writing against the ban because I see the benefit of doing so as a means of helping more people to see Dorje Shugden in the correct light. As as tk said earlier, to leverage on the publicity created by the ban to introduce Dorje Shugden into the lives of many.

The difference is in my motivation and if my motivation is Dharmic, there is much that I can write about without criticizing HHDL. There is so much to be said about the Dorje Shugden lineage and the great Masters who were Dorje Shugden's past reincarnations, which in themselves say so much to logically counter the lies said about the Protector.


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Re: Why We Should Not Over-Criticize the Dalai Lama
« Reply #31 on: August 19, 2012, 05:15:41 PM »
Furthermore, Dorje Shugden had saved HHDL’s life earlier. I am sure Dorje Shugden would not want any harm to HHDL too.

It's interesting you should say that because, indeed, whenever Dorje Shugden takes trance and is asked about the ban and this current situation, he answers always that we must be patient and that we must never criticize the Dalai Lama or any Lamas. This, if nothing else, is the sign of what a true protector he is. If this was a mere spirit, surely, "it" would have done everything it could to avenge what the dalai lama had done by banning him. But instead, Dorje Shugden reacts always with patience and kindliness, advising all his devotees never to speak harshly against the Dalai Lama but to have patience and bear the situation. In response to what has become a political situation, he returns to and teaches Dharma, advising his practitioners through the most Dharmic methods, always aligned to the teachings. Is this not the principle role of a Dharma Protector, after all? To preserve and uphold the Dharma teachings and ensure it is continued to be properly upheld and practiced?

If we follow this advice then, and do not criticize the Dalai Lama, act unkindly or react in harsh ways towards any lama, or any one, then we would be true reflections of the great protector that he is.


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Re: Why We Should Not Over-Criticize the Dalai Lama
« Reply #32 on: August 20, 2012, 08:17:35 AM »
Over-criticise or criticise stem from one thing: the motivation for that criticism. Whatever it is, it usually cannot be a good thing. People criticise for their own agendas – usually it is to put the lama down or start questioning the validity of his practices and teachings. Why would we want to do that?!
In some cases, it is due to ignorance which gives rise to fear. from fear, people do all kinds of actions to protect their egos and their positions even if it means hurting others. They think they are protecting others, but they are actually protecting their own ego. People who criticize others also are very insecure of their own Dharma practice and they think that by forcing others to tow in line, it helps reinforce their beliefs.

Yes, this action/speech is very damaging for several reasons:

1)   Once you start criticising one lama, you set a precedent to be able to criticise another lama, and another lama and another lama… then what teachings are sacred anymore?
Another way of seeing this is, once we start criticizing just one lama, we criticize the rest, and criticize the Buddhas teachings as well because all the lamas teach the same thing, and all of them are teaching what the Buddha taught as well. So why criticize one lama? Might as well just give up Buddhism and be a new ager or an atheist.

2)   imagine all those students you might affect from this criticism. The very lama that you dislike and are criticising is someone else’s root teacher who they have relied upon very strongly for many, many years. Imagine the potential doubt and negative thoughts you plant in THEIR minds which could turn them away from the teacher and the dharma. Somehow, it will link back to you and you face that karma of splitting someone from their dharma teacher or centre.
When they criticize, we have to remember that they do not care about the samaya of the students or their spiritual welfare. the only thing they care about is that they have more people that subscribe to their view and if these people do not subscribe to their view, then they are bad and evil. They dont care if they harm others with their actions at all. And they think they are being good buddhist when they go against the Buddhist teachings.

In essence, people who criticize other lamas do not practice the Dharma themselves and have 0 spiritual progress, usually. Would anyone want to end up like them? This is what we should ask ourselves when we watch people who criticize others and keep away from them. We are told to stay away from people who take us away from the Dharma and bad friends. People who criticize other lamas and spend all their time doing so is a perfect example.


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Re: Why We Should Not Over-Criticize the Dalai Lama
« Reply #33 on: August 25, 2013, 05:43:50 AM »
Yes, absolutely. Instead of slanders, physical protests etc that are negative, what admin suggested below are positive methods that could be applied for the popularity of Dorje Shugden.
I have read on other websites where negative comments were made but they do not provide solutions to the ban nor provide ways to counter the ban via positive actions.

Giving away brochures about Dorje Shugden (which can be downloaded from this website here:

Help practitioners who wish to help the monks of Dorje Shugden monasteries (by financial means, or providing whatever they need to travel and stay at the monasteries).

Become pen pals of monks at Serpom or Shar Gaden Monasteries, or other Dorje Shugden monasteries.

Sponsor Dorje Shugden monasteries.

Find information about Dorje Shugden monasteries, centers and institutions. Share it on this website and on other websites everywhere to create awareness.

Post information on this website and on the forum that is relevant, educational and informational. This will educate the thousands of readers who visit this site and have a right to know what is happening.

Write educational articles and letters and send them into the Central Tibetan Administration, activists, Tibetan groups, NGOs etc.

Start your own Dorje Shugden center or practice group for people in your area.

Create educational videos and make them available on free portals like YouTube.

Share information online by being active on social media – Facebook, Twitter etc. are free portals which let you reach out to millions of people.

Dondrup Shugden

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Re: Why We Should Not Over-Criticize the Dalai Lama
« Reply #34 on: January 27, 2015, 07:11:32 AM »
In my opinion to sit and criticise serves no purpose.  Verbally talking is not making any efforts to have the situation better.

Criticising HH Dalai Lama had been done for many years over the ban of Dorje Shugden worship and so far the Dalai Lama seem not to have made any constructive efforts to avert the division caused among Tibetan people on this issue.

Let us not spend too much time and effort in criticising but rather efforts to educate people why the Ban is unlawful and the accusations against Dorje Shugden is untrue.

The Shugden devotees must exercise their right to religious freedom of choice. Let the Ban be lifted.