Author Topic: I'LL LIVE ANOTHER 20 YEARS  (Read 17887 times)


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Thank you, Dharma Defender for further expounding on my comments. I truly appreciate that. You have explained in a clear and logical way in which I find easy to relate. We all could use more of that.

In samsara, it is a very delicate fine line between knowing and doing. Then again, in doing the right thing is also another fine delicate act.

I gather from your comments, it is important for us not to become too confident and proud that we are above everyone else. Or we assume that they can't change for the better. No matter what, they are still our "greatest jewels" as spelled out in the 8 Verses of Thought Transformation.

As they are reminding us, we are reminding them gently and compassionately.

There certainly must be a reason why we are still in samsara.

So, we are all suffering - just may be in different forms and degrees.

Thank you again.