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Report on Religious Intolerance in Lithang Province of Tibet
By Sonam Tsering
Discrimination between human beings on grounds of religion or belief constitutes an affront to human dignity and a disavowal of the principles of the Charter of the United Nations, and shall be condemned as a violation of the human rights and fundamental freedoms proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.         
Nevertheless, for last 14 years, the devotees of the deity Dorje Shugden have lived through discrimination and abuses on the ground of their religious belief – worshipping the deity Shugden. The perpetrators of religious intolerance and discrimination are none other than few Tibetans who claim to be the promoter of religious harmony and non-violence. 
Predatory activities against Shugden and its devotees, in Tibetan community, is a strong whiff of allegiance to the Dalai Lama. But they disavow religious intolerance to the media and authorities. 
Recently the religious intolerance is taking place in Lithang province of Tibet , where Shugden devotees are minority as a result of anti-shugden campaign that was exported by exile Tibetan.  On ground of their religious belief, devotees undergo the nightmare of segregation in their birthplace. Any sympathizer faces the same fact. Tibetans who worship Shugden are pariah in their own birthplace now.
Segregation is such a strong that they have no option but to give up their religious belief which came down from generation and generation.  Upon questions, they would reply that there is of no coercion but volunteer; and they abide by the Dalai Lama’s advice about the practice.
According to news (appeared in on 16-03-2010), the abbot of Lithang monastery (Lithang Ganden Tubchen Chokhorling) announced to public gathering that Shugden devotees are not welcomed into Lithang monastery, we will not visit such person if sick or death; and that we will not walk into a village where Shugden devotee exist. In front of the Dalai Lama’s portrait, people of villages took oath of not to worship Shugden, nor to keep material and religious relationship with Shugden devotees. And there are plans to carry out the religious cleansing in each and every village in Lithang province.
A member of family passed away in Lithang and the locals refused to attend the funeral. Some heads of Lithang monastery who orchestrate the religious cleansing and segregation incited local people to boycott the funeral. The family has a relative in India , who is Shugden devotee. Under strong pressure of segregation, the family later had to swear not to worship Shugden. Furthermore, the families are forced to pressure their children and relatives in India , to give up Shugden worship.
Venerable Achok Rinpoche was founder of Lithang Tsosum Ja Shamo monastery, and he had good relationship with his monastery. Kelsang-la is secretary of the monastery. Tenpa and Phuntsok sent letters and made phone calls several times to Kelsang-la. The gist is that they have doubt on the purity of the monastery, to the effect that Achok Rinpoche worships the deity Shugden, and that all clergy and laity should take oath not to keep religious and material relationship with Shugden devotees. He refused to do so.
One day Tenpa and Phuntsok showed up in Ja Shamo monastery, and they are able to brainwash Kelsang-la. On April 9, 2010, Kelsang-la led the segregation movement, and a member from each family came to the monastery and took oath to abide by the Dalai Lama and not to share religious and material relationship with Shugden devotees.
Two weeks back three monks left Shugden monasteries in India because they were pressured by their family members in Lithang who are under mounting pressure. 
The intake of Shugden devotee in Lithang is dwindling. This is new tactic being adopted to carry out religious cleansing in Lithang. With time the epidemic of religious cleansing would spread throughout Tibet .
It is all happening in the naked eyes of Chinese authorities. But they turn their back on religious cleansing. Probably the internal crisis would help Chinese law enforcement to lessen the concern about free Tibet protest. However, both parties explode the issue for their own advantages, and Shugden devotees are victims on all occasion.  The person who orchestrates the religious cleansing explodes Tibetan’s faith on the Dalai Lama, and incites public to involve in religious cleansing, so that they get praise and reward from the Dalai Lama.
The successful religious cleansing in Lithang would give them courage and confidence to do in other provinces. But according to the Dalai Lama, to promote religious harmony is his life long commitment.
There are reports that the list of names and signatures are handed over to the Dalai Lama, and rewards in form of position, etc are granted.
Tibetans and media report that the Dalai Lama’s photo was banned in Tibet . Here in Lithang, the hub of sporadic outburst of Chinese rule, clergy and laity are taking the oath to the portrait of the Dalai Lama. There are allegations that Shugden devotees are supported by Chinese government. As a matter of fact, Shugden devotees are victims.
At present people might feel indifferent. After years sympathy and solidarity will begin to grow. Documentaries, movies and books are made to describe the abuses and discrimination experienced by devotees. The history tells people not to repeat the mistake. The mistake would not repeat then, but another mistake would be made.
It is freakishness that the devotees wake up when accident unfold, and sleep when in calm. To flatter to deceive is not enough.
The religious cleansing in Lithan province of Tibet is serious. Through emails, fax and letters, we should alert the concerned authorities (especially to President, Prime Minister, Foreign Minster of China, as well as to Chinese embassy in your country) about the status quo there, and appeal for the appropriate measure, according to the law, to stop the religious cleansing, and the epidemic doesn’t affect other areas.

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I tried to find out if the Chinese had been protecting our people against discrimination in Tibet.

(It's comic that unconsciously I had ended up being somehow influenced by the Newbies fantasies about Dorje Shugden growing in China). Of course, it was a mere fantasy. Chinese authorities couldn't care less about Dorje Shugden.

One thing is sure: they will severely stop any political turmoil. Rather, any turmoil, big or small. That's what they do, regardless of beliefs of the people causing disturbance.

So even though the person is asking us to write to the Chinese authorities I'm not sure it won't backfire against our people. The authorities are not going to defend human rights, they are going to stop or avoid disturbances. So if our people seem to be the cause of a disturbance ... who knows what could happen to them?

I think the best is to leave the thing alone. They are going to have to endure this torment inflicted on them by the cruel policies of the Dalai Lama. Better to endure this social segregation and this religious solitude than undergo the risk of being thrown in prison or some such.


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I think this is what the Dalai Lama really wanted with the Shugden issue, he wanted to create a social wedge in order to gain/maintain control over people in Tibet.  Otherwise, there would no strings to pull.

Interesting thoughts.
What do you mean by gain control over people in Tibet and would you mean a kind of virtual control, as he can't have any literal access to them over there? And what would be gained by having this control since it's virtually non-existent?

Interesting also to remember, as a friend points out, that China just don't want any disturbances... and so far, religion is still not on their most favourite topics anyway so anything remotely related to Dalai Lama (even if it's "against" his politic) could still be seen as a kind of disturbance as it causes conflict.

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What do you mean by gain control over people in Tibet and would you mean a kind of virtual control, as he can't have any literal access to them over there? And what would be gained by having this control since it's virtually non-existent?

It is existent. The Dalai Lama controls the Tibetans around the world. Why don't you go and read the post that speaks about New York City, or the one that speaks about Tibet proper? You don't have the right to die, you don't have he right to get married if you are a Protector's practitioner or even the relative of a Protector's practitioner.

The Dalai Lama definitely controls Tibetans and he has sent them in an unholy crusade against the Dorje Shugden practitioners ... wherever they are. Just go ahead and read. This is happening as we speak. In India, in Tibet, in the United States, in Europe.

Monks have a natural friendly immediate environment, their own monastery. But those poor lay practitioners (or relatives of monk practitioners) are scattered around the world and defenseless. The Tibetan communities have not been taught compassion by the Dalai Lama, they have been taght hatred, reject, and also fear. The fear of social discrimination is dreadful. It ruins your life. The Dalai Lama is ruining the lives of these innocent people around the world. This should be very clear in all our minds.

Once we have it clear, once we acknowledge it, then we can develop compassion for both the Dalai Lama and his victims.

I now beg you all to reflect and come up with some ideas.
The only one I have for now is to abstain from hatred and to continue practicing and dedicating.
But other ideas are welcome.

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Yes, it is as you describe it, Trinley Kelsang.

That is why precisely the Dalai Lama has an almost total control over them, much bigger than the one he had when he was the actual Dalai Lama back in the land.

Today he is the symbol of the Tibetan´s identity, hence, his immensely multiplied responsibility for all the harm that he is inflicting with his injonctions against the Dorje Shugden devotees and their innocent relatives.

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As we sit around doing nothing, these Dorje Shugden practitioners are actually suffering the backlashes mostly created by the CTAs. Obviously they are using His Holiness's name to do some really nasty things, they have no sympathy, not even to their own people. Can you imagine that? How can a 'government' rule their country like that? I pray really hard that may the obstacles towards lifting of the ban be lifted very quickly and smoothly so no one will have to suffer again.


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Obviously they [CTA] are using His Holiness's name to do some really nasty things

And rightly so, because it is precisely the evil dalie openly commanding the witch-hunt, which he said should be “like the Cultural Revolution”.

But since according to you the evil dalie's witch-hunt is the act of a “great mahasiddha”, why do you now condemn the CTA for implementing it? Why don't you see the CTA people as “great mahasiddhas” too?