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Worship of Shugden is being renounced in Lithang.

According to news prepared by Lithang Lobsang Yeshi
This year, at a village in Lithang Province of Tibet, a member of the family who has
connection with Shugden devotee abroad, he died. His family has requested Lithang
Gonchen monastery to accept the precious materials from the deceased. The family also
said to the monastery that they would phone call and ask him [Shugden devotee living
abroad] to renounce Shugden worship. “If he doesn’t listen,” they added, “We would
expel him from the family and never keep touch with him.”

When the family made frequent request, they were told [by the monastery] that
those things would be accepted the moment you are cleansed (it indicates if his family
member living abroad renounce the Shugden Worship).

Although it is a tradition for the deceased family to arrange feast for the visitors
[who offer condolences], the visitors of the village came up, bringing their own food.
They did not eat feast prepared by the deceased family.

On 3rd of January, 2010, when Mani prayer was held in the courtyard of Lithang Gonchen
monastery, its abbot said to the gathering public:
“As we all - abbot, ex-abbot, staff, etc, - have discussed, if you have connection
with Shugden and its devotee, it is “NO” to the person to cross into Lithang Gonchen
Monastery from now onward. Furthermore, Lama and monk of Lithang Gonchen
monastery will not visit such person when he is sick or death.”

“If there is such a person (referring to Shugden devotee) in the gathering of Mani
prayer, please leave the place now. It doesn’t help you. [Your presence] pose detrimental
to Lithang Gonchen monastery. Not only that, it violates the words of the root guru. Since
this pose damage to many people, you are better to leave now. It would be good if each
village engage in cleansing. In case you hear such person living in a village, we have
decided not to walk into that village. We all should take it into proper consideration.”

Later on, in the front of the portrait of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in the hall,
some villages are taking oath not to worship Shugden, nor to keep material connection
with those worshippers.

And there are plans to carry out such campaigns in each and every village.
By reporter in Mungod

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This is just one more piece in the sad tapestry arisen from the ban against our Protector.
Since it might provoke a spate of anger, that even though justified does not help, I am going to close the post for comments.

But again I ask to those concerned: do you still maintain that the ban was an enlightened action?