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Re: Broadcast from Voice of Tibet Radio, on Tuesday, January 8, 2008
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Shiri N. Shiva Prasada
Superintendent of Police
Karwar, North Karnataka                                                                    December 13, 2007

Phone number 08382 226307, 226233

Fax: 08382 226550

Dear respected Sir,
This Great Nation, India, is a democratic and secular country, which fully condemns discrimination and religious abuses. But a segment of Tibetan monks is discriminating and abusing Shugden devotees in the place under your jurisdiction.
            On November 17, Mr. Lobsang Choeder and Mr. Thupten Choepel from Sera-Jay monastery has agitated the monks to outcast the monks who worship Lord Dorje Shugden from any religious gathering. As a result, some monks didn't attend the religious gathering, saying that the participants were worshippers of Dorje Shugden. Then, day before yesterday, some monks from Ganden Jangtse monastery refused to engage in debating study with the monks from Gaden Shartse monastery. Although they held the debate study together eventually, some among the gathering has thrown eggs, breads and stones. It is more or less a motivation to spark a riot.
            Mr Choedar and Mar Choepel have initiated the discrimination and abuses against Shugden devotees, and he put efforts to spread the diseases of anti-social element among other monks and monasteries in South India. And we think that they are threats to peaceful and harmonious co-existence of the general public.
            Shugden devotees have highly reservation that some anti-Shugden monks would create turbulence and trigger a riot in your area.. And these sort of persons have been practicing the violation of rights and freedom with impunity.
            Therefore we would like to request you to immediately end these anti-social elements spearheaded by Mr. Choedar and Mr. Choepel lest the peaceful co-existence turns into turbulence.
Yours sincerely,
Geshe Sopa Thomey
Acting President


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Re: Broadcast from Voice of Tibet Radio, on Tuesday, January 8, 2008
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Lhochog Phonya (Southern Envoy)
Serial No: 43, December 1, 2007.
Published in Mundgod,
On 22 of this month, in the reception room above Sera-Jay Assembly Hall, Sera-Jay disciplinarian Lobsang Choedar and Lobsang Choedar has convened the local press conference, where he released the statement contained the [following] four points.
1)         In the year 1998, the resolution of the stand on Dholgyal devotees, presided by Gaden Tripa. The resolutions during the Gaden National Conference must be effectively implemented from the year 2008.
2)         There is no condition at all to co-exist with those two who contradict the spiritual           commitment according to religious tenet.
3)         In terms of politics, since those who worship Dholgya are the organization tool of           Chinese government, there is no meaning to co-exist.
4)         It is worthwhile to act Dholgyal followers' saying that the decision of Gelupa (followers of Gelug Traditon) must be taken by the general Gelugpa.
It was explained, base on these four points, a campaign of collecting signatures among monks are carried out. This campaign supports His Holiness the Dalai Lama and benefits Tibetan politics and religion. Earlier, the signature campaign has already conducted among over two thousands monks.
Mysore correspondent Tashi Delek

a friend

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This is also for the Tibetans. Re: Voice of Tibet Radio, January 8, 2008
« Reply #17 on: January 16, 2008, 03:18:48 AM »
Dear friends of the supramundain Dharmapala:

I don't know about you, but I am still in respectful astonishment and fillled with gratitude for the courteous, clear, honest and heartbreakingly moving message that our Global Moderator sent to the Samdhong Rinpoche.

I suggest now to try to excercise our imagination and intelligence and make a tentative pool of ideas, any idea that anyone of us might have to bring some improvement to this sad and dangerous situation.
My suggestion is to state the ideas and see which ones could be applied or improved or whatever.

Both Mountains followed by enthousiastic Beggar, and briefly Zawa Rinpoche, all of them had the idea of a monastery to house the victims of Dharamsala's persecution, i.e., the rejected monks of the various monasteries in Southern India.

The Dorje Shugden Society in India and other monks are trying to alert the local authorities.

These two ideas/actions are not contradictory. What are the variations that one could find on them, to improve them or make them more efficient?

For example, even though the thought of a monastery housing monks from all monasteries of the Ganden tradition is just thrilling and great and gives goose bumps, it might be more useful in the immediate term to contact the different ladangs of our Lamas residing in free countries, to see if they would be able to receive some monks among those orphaned by the persecution.

Also, I think these poor people that are trying to deal with the Indian authorities need help. Does anybody have lawyer friends in India by any chance, that could guide them and help them (even language wise)?

This is a call to the Tibetans that follow this website, too. Please come up with some ideas, meet among  yourselves, shed your fear, try to do something!

All the best to all

a friend