Author Topic: No happy birthday for Dalai Lama in Nepal  (Read 12516 times)


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Re: No happy birthday for Dalai Lama in Nepal
« Reply #15 on: July 31, 2019, 01:27:34 AM »
Nepal is a country of very old and sacred traditions, and does very well restricting the actions of the misguided and fanatical followers of the evil dalaite personality cult, which is also a political tool serving Western anti-Buddhist, poisonous, judaizing interests.


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Re: No happy birthday for Dalai Lama in Nepal
« Reply #16 on: July 31, 2019, 10:11:11 AM »
It is reasonably that Nepal will make this stand because, at this time, everyone will try to please China and not offend them. Tibetans should wake up and realise the fact that no one is going to be on their side anymore because there is no benefit at all to be on their side currently.

Many had supported the Tibetans for the past 60 years and they did not get anything for it. The Tibetan cause is still in progress and whoever that supported the Tibetans had wasted their time and energy on them. On top of that, there are consequences to be a Tibetan supporter now.

Hence, many countries have distanced themselves from the Tibetan to make sure that they won't end up on China's naughty list and risk their whole country for it.


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Re: No happy birthday for Dalai Lama in Nepal
« Reply #17 on: August 12, 2019, 08:27:39 AM »
This news is a clear sign that the Dalai Lama's fame is fading. For all the hard work he has done, it is a very sad ending. If the CTA is not useless, this will not be the Dalai Lama's faith. With billions of followers, the Dalai Lama shouldn't face this kind of treatment if the CTA does what they are supposed to do. Shame on the CTA!

People are not blind. CTA keeps telling people they are victimised by the Chinese government but people can see this is not true. Tibetans in China have moved on. The Chinese government has successfully decrease the poverty level in Tibetan community, lots of money is invested to restore Buddhist monasteries. To say China is suppressing the Tibetans, it does not seem to be true.

The CTA has to understand people are not stupid, information is easily available on the internet. Less or close to zero Tibetans are arriving in Indian from Tibet. Why? Because life in India is not easy, there is less opportunity than in China. Many Tibetans have also chosen to go back to China for a better future.

Nepal has made their choice because they don't want to be fooled and used by the CTA anymore. What benefits do they get from supporting Tibet? Many Tibetans have a better lives that Nepalese. It is time for Nepal to move on with China as China has the power to help Nepal to progress.