Author Topic: CTA Shows Utter Contempt For International Law - Adds To Its Shugden Hit List  (Read 6978 times)


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In a show that leaves no room for doubt of its insidious intention, the CTA has added even more names to its 'List Of Dolgyal Followers'. This is in spite of worldwide condemnation that such an act is completely unwarranted and unjustified for a fair and democratic government that CTA claims to be. Even supporters of the Dalai Lama such as Tibetologiest Thierry Dodin has admitted that such an act is precisely what an oppressive regime such as China would do. In following same and even being recalcitrant about it, the CTA shows itself to be no better and now confirms that it has no respect whatsoever for the principles of liberty.

Protesters exercising their right to free speech is seen as a crime - specifically, merely to disagree with the Dalai Lama and CTA even though they have manifestly breached principles of universal conventions of human rights held sacred by virtually the entire free world, is met with threats.

This addition to the illegal hit list shows that the Dalai Lama and CTA have no respect whatsoever for the spirit of freedom by which many in the West have come to the aid and support of the Tibetans in exile. It also shows that the Dalai Lama now holds himself to be above international law and reproach by the world. If the Dalai Lama can show such contempt for moral codes considered rudimentary in every nation and society that values freedom and fairness, imagine what he can do if indeed he is allowed to assume control over all Tibetans and come into possession of armed forces.

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This is terrible that the CTA  publishes what amount to hit lists of people that happen to be at a protest against the Dalai Lama; anywhere else in the democratic world publish 21 people who engaged in a protest against their lpopular political eader for policies, complete with where to find them?  Or against religious figures, like Protestant ministers, the Pope, etc.?  They are so archaic.

Solomon Lang

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Dear Professor Robert Thurman,

Please ask your friend: Where is the "Uma" in this?
And please write something about this highly distasteful, arguably criminal, action.

Thank you.
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thank you for posting this list of amazing people - people who are willing to stand up and be counted for their religious belief in Dorje Shugden. People who are willing to show their faces to the CTA who would do something utterly disrespectful like this.

what amazes me is that the CTA does not appear to think it is doing anything wrong by publicising this list. I thank them for sharing the brief biographies of these gentlemen so that i respect them even more. However, my reaction is probably not the same as the Dalai Lama sycophants who would be incited to bay for blood, which is the sole purpose of publishing this list. May their intentions NOT bear fruit, for the karma of the CTA is negative already - but should blood be shed because of their ignorance and blind devotion to the Dalai Lama, so be it. Karma will be the judge, not i.

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This is scary. Does the CTA think they are above the law? What delusion is this? Or are they ignorant? Or do they think that they are not ignorant and therefore the negative Karma will not be as heavy because it is not their hand that kills but the hand of the ignorant people? this baying for blood bodes ill for Tibetan Buddhism as a whole.


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The world have had enough dictators like Hitler and Saddam Hussein. Does the world want to accommodate another one in the form of His Holiness Dalai Lama(HHDL)?
This Shugden Hit List is a clear indication of HHDL's dictatorial style of leadership. Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) is a true puppet that is controlled by HHDL!


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So the list still there and being updated. CTA has much to learn about running a democratic country and protecting its own citizen.

This is scary. Does the CTA think they are above the law? What delusion is this? Or are they ignorant? Or do they think that they are not ignorant and therefore the negative Karma will not be as heavy because it is not their hand that kills but the hand of the ignorant people? this baying for blood bodes ill for Tibetan Buddhism as a whole.

Apparently they do. They're above the law.


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Again this shows the utter ignorance of the CTA. They cannot even run their "administration" well. No wonder the India demanded that they change their name of a government (TGIE) to that of an administration (CTA). Soon, perhaps the Indian will ask them to downgrade and change the name again to TSO - Tibetan Sheriff Office for being fond to issue "Wanted List".
Jokes aside, their utter contempt for International law is dastardly and an embarrassment to all associated to the Tibetans and Tibetan Buddhism. It downgraded the religion to ancient tribal practices of superstitious. Sad.


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 ::) All I can say is Bravo CTA for dragging yourself deeper in to the hole of mud... and dragging His Holiness name as well! It seems you are doing a fine job sabotaging yourself! This will sure give China a good laugh especially when you tell them they need to abide by human rights law. Really it is a "pot calling the kettle black" here!

I wonder who on earth is their PR advisor, sure isn't very "bright". I guess this happens when we get desperate and getting pressured to do undo a mistake, and how do they undo a mistake? Instead of apologising, they make the mistake bigger!!! Really champions here, no wonder they lost their country!


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It is really sad to see how Dorje Shugden people are threatened by CTA.
The hit list may cause misunderstandings among people and this could lead to harm.
As a buddhist such things should not happen, lord Buddha told us to love our enemies and here we have Buddhist fighting against Buddhist.
Due to the Dorje Shugden ban hundreds upon hundreds of Shugdenners have suffered, they suffer on a daily basis since most shops or government facilities prohibit Dorje Shugden practitioners from entering. All this is extremely cruel and unfair and it has to stop immediately.

I really hope that the CTA will stop harassing Dorje Shugden practitioners and may the ban come down smoothly.


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This has been going on for so many years. It is clear to any Western person that such procedures are not happening in a democracy. So the CTA is clearly not democratic as proven again and again also in many articles on such as this one: Lukar Jam Fiasco Reveals Nature of Tibetan Democracy

So how come that the CTA still continues to harass and harm Dorje Shugden practitioners?
The ones who have supported them for so many decades will ask them to follow democratic rules and respect all religions and all their people.

When do ALL the Tibetans get justice? When will the CTA stop to harass their own people?

Dondrup Shugden

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Besides total disrespect to accepted universal rights of freedom especially religious freedom which is a private choice, the Dalai Lama and CTA seem to think they are above it all.  Imagine the dismay of Governments who are democratic in nature, and who have been donating to the Tibetan cause.  Would they not find it extremely embarrassing to say the least.

At the same time, look at the new list of "wanted" Dorje Shugden practitioners, they are ex monks. I suppose they have to disrobe to find a new way of living in order to uphold their stand for their beliefs.  How many more monks, holders of the Dharma need to give up on their vocation of the monastic order to make this stand against discrimination and "bully"?

For the rest of the "wanted" list, poor Tibetans have to run away again to avoid persecution?  Double suffering from their flight out of Tibet and now out of Dharamsala?

Shame, Shame these lousy leaders in CTA.