Author Topic: This is an old piece of news but still very relevant - Oh dear Sharon Stone!  (Read 3184 times)

Ringo Starr

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"Stone, 50, said she was "deeply sorry" for the offence and anger caused by her comment that the earthquake could be divine retribution for China's policy in Tibet."


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It is very easy and simple to simply call it karma when something bad or any natural disaster happen. Human beings  prefer to package unsavory experiences in neat little packages. Being a celebrity does not mean that they are infallible. One has to really understand the working of karma before one can pull 'karma' out of the bag. Karma can be good and can be bad. What may seem bad may be good and what may seem good may be bad. It's complicated.

Whatever it is we have to have understanding, ethics and compassion, the foundation of of Buddhist practice before one starts pointing fingers.