Author Topic: “A Poor Man asked the Buddha, ‘Why Am I So Poor?’”  (Read 4599 times)


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“A Poor Man asked the Buddha, ‘Why Am I So Poor?’”
« on: April 21, 2014, 02:57:21 AM »

This short article, more like a dialogue, emphasizes how one interprets one’s face and its parts. Essentially, anyone who has a face is rich in giving because one can provide smiles, praise others with the mouth, open up to others with the heart, and help others with your body.

 I believe everything in our life is open to interpretations that can make things better because it’s positive, or worse because it’s negative. Also, everything depends on how we use stuff like our mouth- we can either praise and make someone feel better, or hurt someone’s feelings. It is important not to be biased only toward the positive sides, but it is also very important to look from and through the positive lens. If perhaps Dalai Lama looks at Dorje Shguden through a positive lens, He might understand and remove the ban on the Shugdn religion.


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Re: “A Poor Man asked the Buddha, ‘Why Am I So Poor?’”
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We can hardly equate the poor man in the story with the Dalai Lama. One assume the man is a well....a man. But the Dalai Lama is a Buddha who is an embodiment of all the qualities stated in the story..of compassion, openness, praise, smiling always...well almost and of goodness. If we then extend this through and reconcile it with the ban; then we are either stumped or become wiser. What do we choose? Stumped, frustrated, become angry, fight; or do we become wiser and respond to the ban with stronger practice, show real compassion and grit our teeth and continue?

The latter is certainly the better choice instead of asking the Buddha, "Why there is a ban?"

With folded hands.