Author Topic: Dalai Lama Talked about Dorje Shugden on 23/07/2013 in Shartse Monastery  (Read 12658 times)


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If you want to call George Bush a psychopath, you won't get any argument from me; if you want to call Lord Amherst a psychopath who committed genocide to Native Americans, again no arguments.  However, I only happen to know from "A Great Deception" that the Dalai Lama had Nazi ties; I don't know how he felt about Lord Amherst, for instance.

Sure, but we all can know about how the Dalai Lama feels (duly reciprocated) about our incontroversial psycopath George W. Bush (whose ancestors, by the way, also had Nazi ties, as even some Zionist Jewish groups also did, as we can see here:

And since one picture is more eloquent than a thousand words, here they go...