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A Demon With Invisible Horns
« on: May 28, 2008, 07:48:07 AM »
Hi everyone,

A demon with invisible, not the Dalai Lama's view of Dorje Shugden but a joke about himself!  In this interview with the Dalai Lama in the Financial Times, the Dalai Lama is clearly concerned about his reputation:

FT: Could you say what is it like for you to be attacked by the Chinese leadership in the terms that they attack you or the language that they attack you?

Dalai Lama: It doesn't matter.

FT: It doesn't matter?

Dalai Lama: Sometimes I make a joke.

FT: What's the best joke you've made?

Dalai Lama: The best joke? Well, a demon with invisible horns. One demon seems now multiplying more demons in Europe, in Germany, in England, also in Japan. These are to me - if the officials feel appropriate to call me a demon, or wolf with robe - perfectly all right. No problem.

But one concern, they're forcing Tibetans to denounce me, that's a serious violation of religious freedom and also a serious violation of human rights. Then I feel something. These days some people say I am living Buddha, some say God king. Nonsense. Some say demon. Nonsense. This doesn't matter. But one thing I have a little sort of sadness about is innocent millions of Chinese including those Buddhists, if they really feel that the Dalai Lama is something demon, then I feel a little sad.

It's quite ironic that the Dalai Lama says that when Tibetans denounce him, that's a serious violation of religious freedom and a violation of human rights.  I think he knows quite a lot about these kinds of things because he perpetrates them.  If he is so concerned about his reputation, the WSS demonstrations are bound to have an effect so that dialogue can begin.  Let's hope so!
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Re: A Demon With Invisible Horns
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I think that instead of pointing fingers ta each other, we should all do whatever that is necessary to lift the ban. Because pointing fingers and blaming others will not take us to anywhere, what we can do now is to let go of all the hatred and start to work together to lift the ban. If you believe in Buddhism and the working of karma, you will figure out a way to realise His Holiness's intention-- to help to spread Dorje Shugden.