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Demonstrations against the Dalai Lama
« on: April 09, 2008, 10:02:37 AM »
To Sera Lachi, Sera Jey, and Sera Mey,

We, the Western Shugden Society are writing this letter to you concerning the six monks from Pomra Khangtsen that you have expelled on April 8th, 2008 based on wrong and false reasons. To fulfil the Dalai Lama´s wishes, which is to remove all the Dorje Shugden practitioners from the Tibetan community, you Sera Lachi, Sera Jey and Sera Mey, using Geshe Thupten Tendar and Geshe Tsultrim Gyaltsen (the monastery disciplinarians) have expelled the following monks from Sera monastery:

Thupten Samphel
Thupten Kunsang
Tenzin Tsering
Jampa Khetseun
Jampa Choegyal
Lobsang Jikmay

This is completely unacceptable; we will never accept your behaviour.

In your public written announcement dated 8th April 2008 you accuse these six monks of causing many problems. Everybody knows that the actions you accuse them of is nonsense and completely untrue - you are lying and there is clear and valid evidence to prove you are lying. These monks do not have power or the intention to perform the actions you accuse them of. The true creator of all these problems is the Dalai Lama and you are simply fulfilling his wishes.

You will remember that in 1996-1997 when a similar situation arose through religious discrimination created by the Dalai Lama to ban the practice of Dorje Shugden, the Western Shugden Society organised demonstrations directly against the Dalai Lama throughout the world, including the USA and United Kingdom. However, after the repeated request of the London Tibetan Office asking us to stop these demonstrations because people wanted to invite the Dalai Lama to England, we finally accepted and stopped. Since that time until now we have remained completely peaceful while on the contrary you have continually unjustly harmed Shugden people without compassion.

Our conclusion is we now offer you two choices:

1.   To reverse the expulsion of the six monks and allow them to return to Sera Monastery where they should receive the same spiritual and material rights as the other monks who do not follow Shugden.
2.   If you do not accept the first point, we will immediately organise worldwide public demonstrations directly against the Dalai Lama whenever he visits any country.
If you have some wisdom you should understand how important the Dalai Lama´s reputation is - this is now in your hands.

We need your answer by the 22nd April 2008, signed and delivered by registered post to:
Dorje Shugden Devotees Society,
House No 105, Old Tibetan Camp, Majnu Ka Tilla, Delhi-54
(91) 11-23921169, Mobile:(91) 9910262029

If we do not receive your answer by 22nd of April 2208, we will regard that you have not accepted the first point, and we will immediately prepare demonstrations.

The Western Shugden Society

CC: Dalai Lama, Tibetan Goverment in Exile, Pomra Khangtsen, President of the USA George Bush, Prime Minister of the UK Gordon Brown, BBC, CNN, Sky News, ITV.
Hon. Shri Shivraj Patil, Home Minister of India; Fax: 0091 - 11 -23094221
Hon. Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Foreign Mister of India; Fax: 0091-11-23011463, 23013254
Hon. Shri Shivshankar Menon, Foreign Secretary;
Fax: 0091-11- 23016781
Hon. Shri. Madhukar Gupta, Home SecretaryTel: 0091-11-23092989, 23093003, Fax: 0091- 11 -23093003
National Human Rights Commission,
Tel: 0091-11-23384012 Fax: 011-23384863, Email: [email protected]
H.E Shri Rameshwar Thakur, Hon.Governer of Karnataka State
Tel: 91-80-22254102, 22253555, Fax: 91-80-22258 150 E-mail: [email protected]
Shri P. Manivanan, Deputy Commissioner Mysore
Fax: 0091-821-2429012 Email: [email protected]


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Re: Demonstrations against the Dalai Lama
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Hi Jonathan,
                    So what happens on the 23rd ?
What do you think of the idea of the Western... is going next. Is there a legal vehicle around this concept principle?
Thanks for your posting.