Author Topic: Interesting story from Music Delighting the Ocean of Protectors  (Read 3074 times)


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Interesting story from Music Delighting the Ocean of Protectors
« on: February 11, 2012, 08:18:17 AM »
As said in the biography of Ratreng Trichen Tenpa Rabgya,
If someone has completely confused the teachings, mistaken the earth for the sky, the powerful protectors of the Gelugpa chain them up in unpleasant bonds. It has happened many times, past and present.
As he says, previously at Olka Lelung there was one named Jedrung Lozang Trinley also known as Shepay Dorje, a great being renowned to be the Lhodrag Mahasiddha Lekyi Dorje's emanation. He studied at Ngari Tratsang in the early part of his life and became a great scholar. He kept the Lhodrag ear?whispered lineage teachings and Chakrasamvara as his innermost essence practice. He had attained realizations at quite a high level and cultivated pure view and action of the Geden lineage. At one point he began practicing a secret wisdom teaching in accordance with a Mindrol Ling treasure text and began emphasizing it in his teachings to his many disciples, both lay and ordained. In the name of offering the wisdom consort and offering nectar, he and all the disciples gathered many young women around them and enjoyed drinking intoxicants without restraint, singing and dancing. They started many monks of Sera and Drepung, lamas, tulkus and geshes into consort practice. With such actions as these they threw proper Tantric conduct into disarray, perverting it. The three, Purchog Je Ngawang Jampa, Shogdon Yo Kedrup, and Lelung Jedrung Rinpoche were all mutually teacher and 112
disciple to each other. Once they had gathered at Miwang Polhawa's place at Gaden Kangsar in Lhasa. Purchogpa and Kedrupa tried to dissuade Jedrung from what he was doing, but acting as if the time for his actions had been prophesied by the dakinis, he would not listen. That time, during their practice, this Dharmapala himself revealed many various warning manifestations but he would not pay the slightest attention and kept on as before. In dependence upon ritual activities such as fire pujas, he did not live out is full span of life. Spraining his neck in bed, he died. His next incarnation became a monk and entered Drepung Loseling Kongpo house, and, after he had obtained his Geshe degree, entered Gyuto Tantric College. He also became abbot of Gyuto. At that time he took a wisdom consort, but again making a mistake in the order of practice, such as not first resigning from the abbotship, he died without completing his practice. Even in the case of his successive incarnation, as he was studying at Drepung, he performed Powa and had a rupture on his crown from which pus and blood was emitted. No matter what remedies were attempted, they didn't help. He never got well, remaining sick for months and years. His incarnation was born as my younger brother in Kyisho Tsel in Gung Tang but, having been recognized, when he was about to be enthroned, he died suddenly of smallpox. The present reincarnate Rinpoche has the probelem of one eye being askew. Thus, throughout his incarnations, his activities have not fulfilled the meaning of the path. Similar things have occurred to many lamas, great and small, past and present, who were proud of being followers of the Geden teachings but polluted their bowls with dirty water, as evidenced by many signs demonstrated in the past and present. It is for this that praise is offered in this verse.

This story shows us that it is very, very hard for a practitioner to get back together once they made a mistake, and Dorje Shugden tried to help him, but since he did not listen he had to suffer for the next few incarnations, even though he was a very highly attained monk who was a mahasiddha.

It is also a reminder for us to not seek for teachings from other lineages because it cannot help us and may give us wrong ideas.

By the way, his incarnation is back and is spreading the Dharma like the rest of the tulkus, and he used to be the Guru of the 3rd and 4th Dalai Lamas, and as you can read here that didint happen until 4-5 lifetimes later.

It is really something to think about to see how a mistake can result in much suffering and wasted time.