Author Topic: ISC Testimonies -racist campaign,Threatening letters,intimidating phone call...  (Read 5841 times)

christine V

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In ISC testimonial 3, Threatening letters, intimidating phone calls and abuse directed even at western Shugden Buddhists.

What if you are in the situation, just because of a religion believe? CTA can go this far? Did CTA think the world is under their control?

Watch this:


In ISC testimonial 4, obviously this is how CTA promote hatred and nurtured Tibetan refugees to be violent towards own Tibetan

Watch this:



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It is quite a shocker to know such a thing can happen in the Western Democracies.

That you can be threatened for your beliefs.

This is reducing the quality of life in the Western democracies to a whole lot lower level.

Western nations should pay attention to what all the anti Dorje Shudgen people are up to. 

Do they think they can get away with threatening Westerners?