Author Topic: Looking on the Guru as an Enlightened One  (Read 10052 times)


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Re: Looking on the Guru as an Enlightened One
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Whether or not we are "qualified" to judge our Gurus actions is irrelevant. We are speaking as humans with human language in human society with human conventions that include general social guidelines about what is and is not acceptable behavior. My Guru is Buddha, but he appears in a human form. Though my Guru is not actually human regarding his mind and subtle body, as long as he operates through the human body he is subject to human laws and guidelines for social etiquette. If my Gurus were to do the many reckless things the Dalie Lama has done, you bet your whiskers I'd call them out on it, and since they would have invalidated themselves as a Teacher For reasons I've explained in other posts, I would no longer rely upon them as they would lead me to the lower realms, jail, and generally in the opposite direction of Dharma realizations, as is clearly evident by the Dalie Lamas supporters who intentionally harm others while calling themselves Buddhist Disciples of the Buddha of Compassion.

Such a Guru, on the human conventional level, reveals what not to do, and according to such conventions they lose their qualifications and must answer for their reckless misbehavior.