Author Topic: Wealthy Should See Fate Linked to Lord Dorje Shugden  (Read 3763 times)


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Wealthy Should See Fate Linked to Lord Dorje Shugden
« on: January 20, 2013, 09:38:37 AM »
It is reported that China's rich are increasingly seeking answers to questions of destiny through the help of feng shui masters. 

At Peking University School of Economics, the students pored over their calculations, just as countless preceding generations had done.  But the people in this class were not regular scholars.  Instead, they represented China's business elite, including chief executive officers of major companies, entrepreneurs and financiers.  All were busy divining their destinies at a feng shui class.  They hoped to gain insight into the ancient Chinese method of geomancy, which has become an important part of the school's Executive Master of Business Administration programme.

Using a set formula in conjunction with their dates of birth, the students were attempting to discern their ming, or fate, including career and marriage prospects, and also to attract greater fortune by learning how to decorate their offices and align furniture in accordance with the basic tenets of feng shui.

The 43 year old lecturer, Qi Yingjie, introduced himself via a slideshow as a "feng shui master" and, dressed in a traditional black tunic suit, he strolled between the desks as the students added, subtracted, multiplied and dvidied according to the formula. 

"Use the formula and you will discover your destiny," intoned the former farmer and vegetable vendor as he lectured the class of executives.  During a break, the students surrounded him, firing off questions: "Would it be bad feng shui to place a cupboard my bed?" "My son loses his temper at home for no reason, can feng shui help solve te problem?"; "My wife wife and I often fight.  Do I need to reconsider the feng shui of our apartment?"

One particular question aroused Qi's attention.  "The door of my apartment faces southwes and I put a bookshelf in the northwest corner of the room.  Is that good feng shui?"  The question was asked by a middle-aged man as he showed the master the results of his calculations, an ornate gold watch glistening on his wrist.

Frowning with concentration, the master scanned the sheet of paper and announced: "The door is fine, but you have to move the bookshelf from the northwest corner because your chart shows that it will suppress your future development."

"Goldwatch" wanted to ask more but the master was dragged off by a fan who wanted a photo taken with him.

Rich Pickings

Forget about the shabby sidewalk stalls of feng shui experts, the ones fighting for space next to the psychics, palm readers and fortune tellers.  Now the ancient art, believed to unlock riches, power and control of one's life, is targeting China's newly rich, an has become a "must have" for many high-end individuals.

Qi said his expertise in providing auspicious names and arranging feng shuifor companies brings three to five clients a day.

"Most of them are accomplished business and high-ranking officials," he said.

Born in a village in Hebei province, Qi was influenced by his grandfather, also a "master", and has been interested in the mysterious and ancient art since he ws a teenager.

In 1995, he founded his first consultancy in Hebei's Tangshan city, nefore expanding the business to Beijing in 2010.

The company's website provides a detailed breakdown of the price list: Naming newborn babies or changing existing names costs up to 38,885 yuan (RM18,866); choosing the right time for a Caesarean birth to ensure the child is born at a propitious moment costs 1,685 yuan to 8,885 yuan; the price for advising real estate agents, companies and the location of toms ranges from 500 to 50,000 yuan.

Qi said that when he first started out, he charged just 10 yuan to name a newborn baby.

"But now, too many people are asking for my help.  I had to raise the price to limit the numbers.

"I do lower my prices for poor families, but those business people make millions or even billions, so it would be ridiculous if they were to pay just a couple of hundred yuan for the service."

He said the most frequent inquiries from business people include the decoration of offices and apartments to encourage positive developments, plus investment advice, the pros and cons of entering into partnership or working by oneself, and how to choose the right subordinates.

"I provide answers based on their names, their dates of birth and the feng shui arrangments in their immediate environment," explained Qi.

Running alongside the Lama Temple or the YongHe Gong Temple in Beijing is a 500m long strip known as "The Street of Fortune Tellers" which has become a gathering place for the city's diviners, palm readers and feng shui masters.  The sidewalks bristle with people hawking their services and 'magic' accessories, including bracelets, necklaces and blessed figures of the Buddha.

As can seen the mentality amongst many Chinese in China at this time, there is great quest for spirituality, mysticism, life's solutions, the higher supremacy, and enlightenment, it is now time, most appropriately Lord Dorje Shugden the King of all protectors should surface in Beijing to claim sovereignty and reign forth.  Lord Dorje Shugden should triumph forth. The Lama Temple or the YongHe Gong Temple be once again filled with Dharma of Tsongkhapa and flourish forever more.  Come forth the incarnation of Lord Dorje Shugden, your time has come for you to penetrate Beijing so that Dharma will spread like wild fire to other parts of the country and the world.  The time is NOW.


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Re: Wealthy Should See Fate Linked to Lord Dorje Shugden
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2013, 08:59:50 AM »
the only thing that will make the Chinese pray to Dorje Shugden is to highlight the fact that Dorje Shugden can give them wealth and to spread awareness of this in Chinese countries. Dorje Shugden would be big in China in the future and there will be a lot of people that will pray to him in China. should be promoted more and more with this direction in mind or have chapels set up in China to Dorje Shugden with cards explaining who he is so that people can get blessings from him. And with that, awareness of him will grow and there will be more people who will know who he is.