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Re: Chushi Gangdruk
« Reply #15 on: March 04, 2012, 02:29:25 PM »
In my opinion, there is a difference between the words of a lay man and a sangha in robes.

Yes there are bad apples within the sangha community, but on a whole if a monk can gain no benefit from lying, or if damage is possibly incurred from speaking the truth - I'd be inclined to believe what he says.

For example, as posted by WisdomBeing, what reason would this monk have to lie?

Advice from Dorje Shugden that His Holiness should leave and that He guarantees H.H. safety

From this article, "THE TRUTH behind who saved the Dalai Lama's life" it seems that HHDL and his entourage "depended" on both the physical man power of the Chushi Gangdruk and the power of puja/protector.

Besides the Chushi Gangdruk, HHDL brought along with them a thangka of Dorje Shugden. It was borrowed from his guru Trijang Rinpoche, which assured that HHDL has a safe escape from Tibet. Upon arriving the thangka was returned to Trijang Rinpoche. Attached is the actual thangka that the Dalai Lama carried in a container on his back throughout the whole 1959 exodus.

I like what vajratruth says, "Even an ordinary person will never forget important people in their lives. So how can Chenrezig forget and turn against the Protector sworn to protect Tsongkhapa's teachings and who saved the human life of Chenrezig's emanation."

Accounts like those of the Chushi Gangdruk really makes us think about the possibility of the "bigger picture". How can Chenrezig forget the kindness of Dorje Shugden. Impossible.


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Re: Chushi Gangdruk
« Reply #16 on: March 04, 2012, 03:44:08 PM »
I found these short video clips about HH the Dalai Lama’s escape from Tibet. These videos promote the CIA’s role in the Dalai Lama’s escape but I would like to share these clips not because of the politics but because:

1.   They show footage of the Chushi Gangdruk
2.   In Part 3, it says that 50,000 troops searched for the Dalai Lama and they couldn’t find him when there was only one road? Only Dorje Shugden could have hidden the Dalai Lama and his 37 strong entourage from such a large land and air search force.
3.   At the end of this video, it states that the Chushi Gangdruk went back to Tibet – such bravery of the troops commanded by Dorje Shugden.

Part 1:
CIA in Tibet - Escape of The Dalai Lama - part 1

Part 2:
CIA in Tibet - Escape of The Dalai Lama - part 2

Part 3:
CIA in Tibet - Escape of The Dalai Lama - part 3

That was pretty eye-opening about the 50k troops, aerial recon etc searching for the Dalai Lama. Just goes to show you how serious the Chinese were about finding him, and what great danger the Dalai Lama wouildve been had it not been for Dorje Shugdens help. They also mentioned the Dalai Lamas convoy saw the Chinese know what your teacher always says in classes, "if you can see me then I can see you"? How the Chinese missed a large group of bedraggled Tibetans in pristine white snow is beyond me...but not beyond our Protector I guess.

That part about the Chushi Gangdruk turning back into Tibet to continue the fight, Dorje Shugden really knows how to pick them! You know, that tells me that these men are not the type to lie. If you can go back knowing your facing danger and death, then you know what your up against (the CTAs wrath) when you say it was Dorje Shugden who saved the Dalai Lama. So why not tell the truth anyway about who saved the Dalai Lamas life? Youve got nothing to lose already - you fought against the Communists who were hell-bent on destroying Tibet and escaped with your life!

vajra power

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Re: Chushi Gangdruk
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(Tibetan public talk mtkdusa2011) Interview with Chating Tenzin Tsutrem Part 13 Small | Large