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On March 8, 2018 the Nechung Oracle recognized an African American woman as a Tibetan Oracle and a Tulku.

The woman is not a follower of Tibetan Buddhism but of African "Spirit Worship".

That's right we have our first non Buddhist Tibetan "TULKU" and "ORACLE" who takes trance of Mamaki.

She is not only a Tibetan "ORACLE" but also an "EMANATION" of Mamaki who is "a Tibetan Water Goddess and Water Female Buddha".

The Nechung Oracle has officially recognized her as both an "ORACLE" and a "TULKU".

As hard as this is to believe, it's all true.

I didn't make this shit up.

Here is a link to her website.

Here are some quotes from her website.

Part 1
On International Woman’s Day, March 8th  2018, something historic happened. Amid monks blowing trumpets, banging cymbals, reciting ancient mantras African-Caribbean spiritual teacher  and Osun devotee Venerable Yeye Omileye was recognized  as living  ORACLE and EMANATION of Mamaki, Tibetan Water Goddess/Water Female Buddha.

It was a ceremony prepared and officiated by Nechung Kuten La, Medium for the State Oracle of Tibet, who shared with all present the fascinating tale of the adventures he had to go on to make the ceremony happen – including his travels to Mongolia for the Mamaki crown, trip to Nepal after a 25 year absence to bring back the Melong (oracle) mirror and he even found time to personally put the precious pearls on himself.

Part 3
The elaborate recognition ceremony took place in Dharamsala India. It’s historicness was emphasized by Kuten La, who  explained to those present that Mamaki, had not manifested before in living memory. He also  explained the Tibetan Water Mother/Buddha and Osun the Yoruba Water Mother whom  Venerable Yeye Omileye carries an ancient title for – are one Water Goddess just different cultures.

You can go to her website and read the full story.

Maybe the CTA will use this NON Buddhist "ORACLE" and "TULKU" to locate and recognize the next 15th Dalai Lama.

Maybe the Panglung and Ari Kutens will also recognize this NON Buddhist as the "ORACLE" and "EMANATION (TULKU)" of Mamaki.

Tsem Tulku did an article on the spirit "Nyatrul" who was in life the Nyingma Tantric master Nyari Tulku.

He was skinned alive and murdered at Tengyleling Monastery on orders of the 13th Dalai Lama.

The story tells how "Nyatrul" took possession of the Nechung Oracle in the 1930's and murdered the 13th Dalai Lama as an act of revenge against both the 13th and the Nechung Oracle.

The article states that many Tibetans believe that "Nyatrul" to this very day still takes possession of the Nechung Oracle and not Pehar.

The 13th and 14th Dalai Lama's have and still continue to try and destroy the spirit "Nyatrul" via "Fire Pujas".

So who really recognized this NON Buddhist as both the "ORACLE" and "EMANATION" of Mamaki?

Was it the corrupt Nechung Oracle or "Nyatrul"????

Welcome to the wacky world of the Nechung Oracle. 

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Here is a link to show photos of recognition and enthronement done by Nechung Oracle.

Gallery of Mamaki (Osun) Oracle and Emanation Recognition Ceremony
Dharamsala India, March 8th 2018, Nechung Monastery, officiated by

Nechung Kuten La, Medium of Tibetan State Oracle.

Photo credits: Tenzin Kunga, Omi and Olu Derrick Lewis

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Let's hope the new Mamaki Oracle does not go into trance and condemn "Dorje Shugden" as an evil spirit. 8)

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H.E. Tsem Tulku has a youtube video titled "Taking Trances".

In it he teaches about "Oracles" and the retreats and tests they must do and pass.

He also states that an "Oracle" now a days needs a signed and official sealed document to be a recognized "Oracle".

Does the Nechung Oracle have the "Official" authority to recognize "Oracles" on his very own?

Does the Nechung Oracle have the "Official" authority to recognize and enthrone "Tulkus" on his very own?

I can find no mention anywhere that the Nechung Oracle took trance of either Pehar or Dorje Drakden and it was that Dharmapala that declared this woman as an "Emanation" of Mamaki.

Did the Nechung Oracle do all of this without taking "Trance" of any Dharmapla?

No mention of any Lama, Geshe or Tulku of the Gelugpa lineage validating this woman as an "Oracle" or "Tulku'.

Did the Nechung Oracle do all this on his very own?

Did this woman go into trance of Mamaki and pass a test to verify that it was the " FEMALE BUDDHA" Mamaki that took trance of her?

As per Tsem Tulku's teachings on "Oracles" did his woman engage in a Mamaki retreat under a qualified Lama?

Tsem Rinpoche teaches in his video that the Lama is always testing the "Oracle" to see who is taking trance of them.

There is presently no information that this woman did the required Mamaki retreat.

There is presently no information that this woman was "Official" tested by a qualified Lama to see that it was Mamaki that took trance of her.

There appears at this time no "Officially" signed and seal document declaring this woman to be an "Oracle" or a "Tulku".

If there was such an "Official Document" I would assume you would find it posted on the woman's website with all her other information.

There is presently no information that anyone other than the Nechung Oracle recognizes this woman as an "Oracle" or the "Emanation" of the female Buddha Mamaki.

Someone as great as an "Emanation" of the female Buddha Mamaki reappearing in human form should have been reported in some Tibetan newpapers or websites.

All of the photos of this ceremony show a small crowd.

What is really going on with the Nechung Oracle.

Like this was a "Private" ceremony in a small room and not in the many part of the Nechung Monastery.

You would think that many Lamas, Geshes and Tulkus would turn out for the "Enthronement" of the female
Buddha's Mamaki's "Emanation".

But I can't see any of them in her photos.

The only reference to all this can only be found on the woman's website.

This entire matter leaves me asking more questions with not answers in sight.

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I have contacted via email numerous individuals, the Nechung Oracle, the "Mamaki Oracle and Tulku",the Tibetan news media, the CTA, the Office of the Dalai Lama, Dept. of Religion (CTA), and members of CTA"s elected Parliament etc on this matter.

My questions included,

1) Where you aware that the Nechung Oracle was going to recognize an non Buddhist as both the "Mamaki Oracle" and the "Mamaki Tulku"?

2) Does the Nechung Oracle have the "Official" status to recognize a person as an "Oracle"?

3) Does the Nechung Oracle have the "Official" status to recognize a person as a "Tulku"?

4) Why did no one from the CTA, the Office of His Holiness, the Tibetan news media publish any information about this recognition and enthronement ceremony?

5) Why did no one from the CTA, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, the Office of His Holiness, the Tibetan      news media, Gelugpa Lamas, Geshes or Tulkus attended this ceremony?

6) Did either the Dharmapalas Pehar or Dorje Draken take trance of the Nechung Oracle and state this woman was the "Mamaki Oracle" and the "Mamaki Tulku"?

I contacted Yeye the "Mamaki Oracle and Tulku" and asked her to provide any "Official Documents" she got from the Nechung Oracle attesting to her recognition and enthronement.

I contacted the Nechung Oracle and asked him if he had the legal authority to recognize this woman as both and Oracle and a Tulku.

Had she done all the necessary Mamaki retreats and mantras?

Had she been officially tested while in trance to she if it was in fact "Mamaki" that was speaking through her?

Why was a private room and not the main shrine room at his monastery used for this "Enthronement" ceremony?

I also included in my email to him the questions listed above.

I will inform you of the results from my email inquiries.

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So is the corrupt Nechung Oracle behind this questionable act of recognizing and enthroning a non Buddhist as a "Living Oracle and Tulku of Mamaki"?

Or could it be some other spirit, say the spirit of Nyatrul.

Nyatrul in life was the Nyingma tantric master Nyari Tulku.

This is a link to H.E. Tsem Tulku's article on Nyatrul.

If H.E. Tsem Tulku is right then Nyari Tulku (Nyatrul) has the power to enter into the Nechung Oracle at will.

If Nyari Tulku can enter the number one State Oracle  can he also enter into other State Oracles at will?

The answer may be yes.

The Gadong Oracle was the number two State Oracle.

The previous Gadong Oracle was a State Oracle from roughly 1986 until his death in 2015.

He took trance of the Dharmapala "Shinjachen".

This is a family lineage of "Oracles" and since his death in 2015 "Shinjachen" has not taken trance of any male member of the "Gadong" clan.

During all those years as the number two State Oracle he never spoke while in trance.

No one knew why he never spoke but could it have been Nyari Tulku (Nyatrul) stopping him from doing so?

The number three State Oracle was the Lamo Tsangpa Oracle who took trance of the Dharmapala "Tsangpa Karpo".

The previous "Lamo Tsangpa" Oracle was the Oracle from roughly 1988 until his death in 2003.

The "Lamo Tsangpa" is also a family lineage of Oracles.

Since his death the Dharmapala "Tsangpa Karpo" has not chosen any male member as the next "Lamo Tsangpa" Oracle.

In the mid 1990's he supposedly took trance on two occasions and condemned "Dorje Shugden".

This is now highly suspect since "Tsangpa Karpo" is the "Peaceful Emanation of the Dharmapala Setrap Chen".

How could "Tsangpa Karpo" publicly condemn "Dorje Shugden" when it was "Setrap Chen" who saved "Dorje Shugden" from death in a "Fire Puja".

The very same "Setrap Chen" who lead "Dorje Shugden" to the Sakya who made him a member of the Dharmpala "Gyalpo Sum".

The "Gyalpo Sum" (the Three Kings) who are made up of Setrap Chen, Tsiu Marpo (Kache Marpo) and Dorje Shugden.

Was it in fact "Tsangpa Karpo" who entered into the Lamo Tsangpa Oracle or was it in fact Nyari Tulku (Nyatrul).

There are two in depth articles on this very website about the Gadong Oracle and the Lamo Tsangpa Oracle.

1) google, "Was the previous Lamo Tsangpa Oracle corrupt?" (June 27,2016).

2) google, "The Previous Gadong Oracle was never a true Oracle" (June 26,2016).

Does Nyari Tulku (Nyatrul) have the power to enter into the "Three State Oracles of Tibet" at will?

What is the "Black Karma" one possesses when they "Murder" a Tulku like Nyari Tulku?

What is the "Black Karma" one possesses when they also "Murder" another Tulku like His Holiness Demo Tulku?

What is the "Black Karma" one possesses when they "Murder" an "Oracle" like the Tengyeling Oracle?

What is the "Black Karma" one possesses when they "Destroy" a monastery like they did to Tengyeling Monastery in 1912.

His Holiness Demo Tulku , H.E. Nyari Tulku and the Tengyeling Oracle were all "Murdered" on orders of the 13th Dalai Lama and his Government.

In His Eminence Tsem Tulku's article on Nyari Tulku (Nyatrul) it states that he was an "Innocent" man who was "Murdered" and arose as a "Wrathful Spirit" to seek revenge against the Dalai Lama and his Government.

In H.E. Tsem Tulku's article on the "Methar of Tengyeling Monastery" he wrote
"His story is one of political intrigue, unholy plots against innocent men and murder."

This is the link to that article.

Does Nyari Tulku (Nyatrul) continue seeking his "Revenge" to this very day?

If he does then the present Nechung Oracle must be removed from his position immediately.

In 1933 Nyatrul took possession of the Nechung Oracle and he "Murdered" the 13th Dalai Lama by giving him the wrong medicine.

If he can do that he can easily cause the present day Nechung Oracle to possibly without legal authority recognize and enthrone a non Budhhist as the "Mamaki Oracle" and the "Mamaki Tulku".

So the question must be asked "Who actually recognized and enthroned Yeye?

Was it the corrupt Nechung Oracle or was it in fact the avenging spirit NYATRUL?


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A quick update about the fall out over Yeye Omileye's recognition and enthronement.

I did not list this link about all this because I thought it was not relevant to the over all story.

Here is the link to that site, ... ye-omileye

Notice that this link ends with "ye-omileye" short for "Yeye Omileye" the "Mamaki Oracle and Tulku".

This website is run by a woman named Lama  Dechen Yeshe Wangmo who is a Nyingma Lama under the now deceased Lama Tharchin Rinpoche.

She first ran an article praising what the Nechung Oracle had done.

Well it seems now after an email inquire she has removed the page from her website.

No reasons were for the removal.

Lets wait and see what the CTA, the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan press who I contacted do will all of this.

Could this spell the end of the corrupt Nechung Oracle.

Have Dorje Shugden, Nyatrul and Methar got their revenge against the evil and corrupt actions done against them my the Nechung Oracle?

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This is what is presently posted on the vajraworld link

Vajrayana World
We couldn't find the page you were looking for. This is either because:

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The page you are looking for has been moved or deleted.
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My bet is "The page you are looking for has been ...deleted".

Though you would like to see it before the link disappears.

Also check out that their link states "nechung-oracle-recognizes-yeye-omileye".

So it appears that the Nyingma Lama Dechen Yeshe Wangmo may no longer believe what the Nechung Oracle has done.

Who will be next to join the list?

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Listed below is a link to Yeye the Mamaki Oracle and Mamaki Tulku talking about her enthronement ceremony.

The relevant part is from the 51:40 to the 59:00 minute mark.

She talks about the Nechung Oracle officiating this ceremony and declaring that she is BOTH the "Mamaki Oracle" and the "Mamaki Tulku".

She also stated that the Nechung Oracle charged her a "LOT OF MONEY" for the Oracle Robe, Crown and melong.

She does not mention any other Lama, Geshe or Tulku officiating at this ceremony.

It appears that the whole affair was run by the Nechung Oracle.

The question must be asked again if the Nechung Oracle has the "Official Authority" to recognize and enthrone ANYONE as an "Oracle" or as a "Tulku".

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This is a link to a youtube video done by the Mamaki Oracle and Tulku.

In it she speaks about her up coming "Recognition and Enthronement Ceremony" officiated by the Nechung Oracle.

The title of the video is "The Ancient Rising of the Emanated and Reincarnated Soul".

It was produced by her in October 2017 prior to her "Recognition and Enthronement.

This is how Yeye describes her video.

Published on Oct 16, 2017
The idea of incarnations and emanations have been around for thousands of years and in a way we are all an incarnated soul. The incarnated soul of the feminine is rising within us all, and rising. She returns with her gifts of One Love. Yeye Omileye, an author and African-Caribbean wisdom keeper explores this idea in this short video, as she journeys into her own up and coming emanation recognition of Mamaki the Female Water Buddha by Kuten La - the Tibetan State Oracle. Now the Yoruba Goddess Osun and Mamaki will join but what does that mean?

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Here is the "Biography" of Omileye the Mamaki Oracle and Tulku

You will find no reference to Omileye having any training in Varjrayana Buddhism or any Buddhism at all prior to meeting the Nechung Oracle in 2016.

So how does a non Buddhist become what appears to be the FIRST person in history to be declared and recognized as BOTH an Oracle and a Tulku?

How does that happen Mr Nechung Oracle???

Did the Dalai Lama or the CTA or the CTA Department of Religion or any Gelugpa Lama, Geshe or Tulku know what you were doing with this woman?

Neither the Nechung or Mamaki Oracle have PUBLICLY talked about how she was OFFICIALLY TESTED to see if it was Mamaki that was taking trance of her.


Neither have talked PUBLICLY about her taking on an extensive "Mamaki Retreat" or even a minor "Mamaki Retreat".


Neither has PUBLICLY supplied any signed and official sealed document by either the Nechung or anyone else stated that she is "Recognized and Enthroned" as the "Mamaki Oracle and Tulku".


I have contacted and advised the Dalai Lama, CTA, CTA"s Dept. of Religion, the CTA's Parliament, the Tibetan news media etc. etc. etc.. on this matter in great detail.

They all refuse to comment.


You would think that they would have all told the world about this truly blessed event.

An African American woman becoming the FIRST person in Tibetan Buddhist history to become BOTH an ORACLE AND TULKU.

WHY is the Tibetan news media NOT flooding the world with stories of this blessing event?

I am waiting comments about this matter from both 17th Karmapas and the 41st and 42nd Sakya Trizin's and H.H.Trijang Rinpoche.

Maybe they can shed some insight about the LEGALITY of this entire matter.

There's and old saying you might be interested in hearing Mr Nechung Oracle.

"Those that have nothing to hide, hide nothing and those who have something to hide, hide it.

What are you hiding Mr Nechung Oracle, what are to really hiding from the world?

Here the link to the page. You will need to scroll down some ways on their website to see the "Bio.

Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis is was born in the UK, to Jamaican and Trinidadian parents. She returned to islands on holidays throughout growing up to stay in touch with her cultural heritage. She studied at SOAS, London University, Ayurvedic and Holistic Medicine at Middlesex University, and completed her Counseling Masters at Winthrop University. For twenty years she has taught ancient wisdom around the world, engaged in planet peace work and also works as a Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapist. Through her work she helps to build compassionate communities and a balanced earth. Her first book "A Journey Through Breath" and the workshops by the same name for women won her a Prince's Trust Award. In 2009 she won the NanoWrimMo Write a Novel in Forty Days competition with "Goddess Song". Omileye has been featured in many publications including: Sunday Time's Style Magazine, Charlotte Observer, Lancaster News, Pregnancy and Newborn, Woman Today, Natural Awakenings, amongst others. Omileye's earlier works can be found under her pre-marriage name is Ezolaagbo (now her middle name) Joseph-Achikeobi. Omileye has spent the last seven years traveling around the world raising awareness about the ailing state of our Waterways and Earth, as she shares ancient wisdom of balance. She is the founder of the renowned Humanity4Water Awards, WaterSongline network, and one of the founding members of UNICEF's Global Interfaith WASH Alliance (GIWA). Her environmental work has been recognized by the United Nation whom invited her to take part in their international water debate, attend the UN Head quarters for the launch of UNICEF's Global Interfaith Alliance (GIWA) and to announce the fifth year awardees of the Humanity4Water Awards. Omileye work has also been recognized by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Kuten La - The Tibetan State Oracle and many world spiritual leaders and planet peace workers.

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Found this on Tsem Tulku's website under "Ask a Pastor"


Reply by Pastor Niral Patel

Dear Eric,

Thank you for your question. I cannot comment on this specific issue because I do not know much about it. However generally speaking, though oracles are consulted in finding and recognizing tulku’s, I have not heard of oracles recognizing other oracles before. And certainly not recognizing a single person as both a tulku and oracle.

Oracles usually undergo strenuous training by high lamas who are qualified to do this, and undergo vigorous testing before they are officially recognized as the oracle of a particular deity. Again it is not the deity in trance that will recognize the oracle, but high lamas, although deities may give additional recognitions.

For the recognition of tulkus, it is along the same lines. They are recognized by high lamas, who perform numerous tests, which can include consulting various deities through their oracles before giving their recognition. Again, the various deities may also give their additional recognition of tulkus through their oracles.

From my limited experience, i have not come across an instance in which an oracle would be the sole person to recognize either a tulku or an oracle. I hope this helps.

Thank you.

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Below is a link to an interview the "Oracle and Tulku of Mamaki" did on May 01,2018.

I have also included the actual article for your consideration.

Garden Spices Magazine - Celebrating Our Differences

Garden Spices met YeYe Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis  a few years back.  I chronicled my journey to Asheville, NC  to a ceremony that honored the Four Elemental Mothers.  Along with her husband, Chief Olu, Omileye was “answering the call’ to host and facilitate the event. She has conducted a number of these ceremonies to awaken awareness to the crisis of The Mother Earth.

This year, Omileye was “the first person and woman of African and Caribbean origin to be recognized as an Oracle and Living emanation of Mamaki in Tibetan culture and spiritual tradition.” This distinction is historical, and Garden Spices is honored to share the significance of this unique designation. – Victorine, GS

GS: When were you approached for this recognition and why is its racial/cultural/spiritual significance important?

OL:  It was prepared and officiated by Nechung Kuten La, the highest medium to the highest oracle in Tibetan culture and Buddhism and the spiritual advisor of His Holiness. I was approached last February 2017, when I sent a trance message from Osun to Kuten La. He responded to the trance message and said he was bestowing the Crown of Mamaki to me. I was not sure what that truly meant.

This is culturally significant because you have two Water Mother Goddesses highly revered in their cultures, who are from what appears to be quite different cultures joining together. Yet these two Mother Goddesses share the same symbols and meanings. They are recognized by Kuten La as being the same Goddess and he said they are joining together. It all poses the question, “how is this possible?” and how does a Tibetan Mother Goddess and Female Buddha manifest in the body and energy state of a Black Woman? Let’s face it, it will throw many people through a loop as we say.

Yeye Omileye with Kuten La and monks during the recognition.

I think this is culturally significant because we are so divided from each other, all living beings and our Mother Earth. We are in a deep crisis, on the verge of extinction because of these divisions. I had received a message in meditation many months ago from Osun who said, “We have come together, because a symbol speaks more than a thousand words.” By Osun and Mamaki joining together it creates interesting conversation and loud silences!

Spiritually, this is important because it represents the rise of the divine story and in fact repeats ancient stories where the mother divided herself into two (and sometimes more) to help uplift the suffering on Earth. The second Mother who came forth was actually always fiercer. So, think of the story of Durga and Kali saving the world. It is also the rise of a deeper love and unity on our Earth.

GS:  Is this a first time that two Mother Goddesses have joined?

OL: Yes, it is the very first time in living memory, but I am sure in very ancient times they were recognized as one, in the same way they are being recognized as now.  According to Nechung Kuten La, Medium for the Tibetan State Oracle. Mamaki, the Female Water Buddha/Mother Goddess has never manifested in living memory before.  Mamaki has never come through an oracle or in the body of someone else, in his and their living memory and they have quite a long living memory. I found that fascinating as well as historical.

GS:  Can this event help to ignite unity in this paradigm shift?

OL:I believe this event can create dialogues of unity, understanding dharma without cultural boundaries and rise of divine feminine. How and why is it important to the ‘unity…without cultural boundaries?’   It is important to realize we are a tossed salad of very rich cultures, yet we are all still a salad. We are one. In Tibetan Buddhism Dharama is about sacred balance. My research indicates strongly that this concept originates really from the African concept of Maat – truth and sacred balance. In the Yoruba Ifa tradition it is called Iwa Pele (maintenance of balance and good character). In the Navajo tradition it is known as Walking in Beauty.

It is important to have Dharma without cultural boundaries because we have to all urgently embrace that we are all responsible for what happens, and we have to have “all hands on deck.” This is something the Zulu Wisdom Keeper Credo Mutwa said to me once. He said, “if all hands don’t come down on the deck and turn the ship’s wheel all in the same direction at the same time, humanity is heading towards a huge iceberg,” We have got to get on the same page, and quickly. We have to be brave and courageous to leave the distorted narrative behind.

-YeYe Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis

Yeye Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis M.Ed, NCC, LPCA is often referred to as an old spirit in a modern world who travels to local and international communities sharing universal and indigenous ceremonies and wisdom teachings which nurture compassion, oneness, balance and a sustainable planet. She is an international award-winning author of several books, former national UK journalist, fifth generation Wisdom keeper, storyteller, and sacred artist of Afro Caribbean roots.

A mother of two she is also a licensed contemplative clinical mental health psychotherapist, a licensed school counselor, a trained SEED Facilitator, and an inclusion and diversity consultant. She, along with her husband, have co-founded several organizations and projects: YeyeOsun, the Institute of Four Elemental Mother’s Compassion and Wisdom in Action; renown international Humanity for Water Awards; and UNICEF Interfaith WASH Alliance (founded with other world and cultural leaders). Her work and strength of visions has been recently blessed and recognized by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Kuten La, the Tibetan State Oracle and United Nations. Omileye has also received several ancient distinguished African spiritual titles and roles including Yeye Osun and Crown of Osun, is the award winner of the prestigious Prince’s Trust Award, and has a passion for working with children, diversity, and the environment. She has just founded her own private integrative and contemplative diversity counseling practice and consultancy.

Does anyone really believe that the Dharmapala Dorje Drakden took trance of the Nechung Oracle to declare that this non Buddhist is the "Oracle and Tulku" of the Buddhist deity "Mamaki"?

I believe that this entire incident is proof that the Nechung Oracle is totally corrupt and engaging in false trances.

Neither the Dalai Lama nor the CTA could state publicly that this was all faked by the Nechung Oracle because it opens the flood gates to what other false trances has this Oracle engaged in.

Is everything that the Nechung Oracle has declared about Dorje Shugden fake and all made up be him under a false trance?

The utter silence on the recognition and enthronement  of this women by the Dalai Lama, CTA and the Tibetan news media speaks volumes.

Why the silence Dalai Lama, CTA and the Tibetan press?

Is Omileye the officially recognized and enthroned "Tulku and Oracle" of the deity "Mamaki" or not?

I and the world are still waiting for your answers to my emails.

I do not believe the Dharmapala Dorje Drakden would truly accept the present Nechung Oracle as a proper vessel for him to enter anymore.

The Nechung Oracle is a FAKE ORACLE.