Author Topic: Tibetan exiles support India in border standoff with China  (Read 6435 times)

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Tibetan exiles support India in border standoff with China
« on: August 11, 2017, 12:03:08 PM »
Tibetan exiles support India in border standoff with China

NEW DELHI (AP) - Dozens of Tibetan exiles on Friday held a rally in New Delhi in support of India in the ongoing border standoff with Chinese forces over disputed territory high in the Himalayas.
The Tibetan Youth Congress members waved Indian and Tibetan flags and demanded that China leave Tibet.
"'The border of China where they stand, it belongs to Tibetans. This is why we are standing with India," said Tashi Dhondup, the group's spokesman, adding that China was "illegally occupying" the area.

The standoff began in June after Indian troops confronted Chinese forces working on a road over the Doklam Plateau that is also claimed by India's ally Bhutan. China demands that Indian troops withdraw unilaterally before any talks can be held, while New Delhi says each side should stand down. China and India fought a border war in 1962 and much of their frontier remains unsettled despite several rounds of official-level talks.
A large number of Tibetans have been living in exile in India since the Dalai Lama fled Tibet after a failed uprising in 1959.



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Re: Tibetan exiles support India in border standoff with China
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2019, 07:21:40 PM »
Just look at how selfish the CTA is, they support the Indian government not because they are righteous but because they think the land in dispute belongs to the Tibetans. It is already not good that the relationship between India and China is not getting any better, why did the CTA want to add more to it? The CTA doesn't bring benefit to people except for trouble.

The CTA always creates troubles to distract the public from noticing what they have not done. Dorje Shugden ban is one of it. After 40 years of fighting for the Tibet cause and they produce no result, the CTA conveniently put the blame on a Dharma protector who cannot defend for himself since 20 years ago. They claim Dorje Shugden is an evil spirit and he is sabotaging the CTA's effort in the free Tibet movement.

What the CTA said is really ridiculous, why would Dorje Shugden want to sabotage the CTA? Dorje Shugden is a Dharma protector, he helps to remove the obstacles of the practitioners. Sometimes he uses wordly method to bring people to Dharma. But ultimately, he is helping the practitioners to remove obstacles and to ensure the practitioners are always on the right track. 


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Re: Tibetan exiles support India in border standoff with China
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2019, 01:58:03 PM »
It seems like the priority of the CTA is not the welfare of the Tibetans, their priority is to create troubles and problems for China. This is something they are really good at! Even though they claim to go for the Middle Way approach and only want to get autonomous region status for Tibet but they are not doing anything to achieve that.

The CTA makes use of every opportunity to create problems for China. They mislead the Tibetans in Tibet into self-immolating, encourage them to go against China. They hire people in the west to run anti-China campaigns, they constantly criticise China for violating human rights. When India has the border dispute, they quickly get involved to condemn China.

Their actions clearly show that they are not interested in having a peaceful dialogue with China. So how is the Middle Way approach going to work? The CTA is full of lies, they say one thing but do another.