Author Topic: Family of mistakenly cremated Buddhist: ‘She’s doomed to eternal shame’  (Read 17594 times)


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I feel so sorry for the family. After having just experienced the death of their beloved mother, only to find their instructions not carried out accordingly by the undertakers. Must be so traumatising for them. This is another classic example on how not having dharma knowledge brings so much pain and agony. If they only knew any better, they will not be fussing over something that has not power to determine their mother's rebirth.

Yes, without Dharma, it would be confusing and worst of all, do not have the knowledge to deal with the situation. Putting the deceased and the family in total confusion and regret. But I really do hope that the family will get a peace of mind when they come to a conclusion.


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It’s really unfortunate for the Madam Tan’s family to go through such a painful ordeal .  As the Chinese society beliefs, cremation is traditionally uncommon, the burial of the dead is a matter taken very seriously as they believed that the deceased body should be in proper form in order to have a good rebirth. This is again is  self-cherishing!  I personally think that there is no great significance between as to whether one’s body being cremated or buried. In accordance to the Buddhist teachings, whatever we have done in this life, will eventually determine our next destination or rebirth and also the deceased has to be in a good state of mind in time of death.