Author Topic: China is Protecting Kumbum Monastery Built in the Birthplace of Lama Tsongkhapa  (Read 21813 times)


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Karmically, it is very good for the Chinese government to restore Kumbun Monastery. The merits created from restoration of any monasteries are tremendous. It creates the cause for the people to have a joyful mind, immense wealth, cessation to sufferings and it's causes, achieving a state of peace, and eventual liberation.

Monasteries sustain the teachings of Buddhism, making it possible for sentient beings to be enlightened eventually. Without them, Buddhism will be lost forever.


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Rejoice that the Government of China is willing to spent a lot of money to restore the Kumbum Monastery. The Kumbum monastery is also called Ta'er Si.

The most famous items in this monastery are the “Three Treasures”-the yak butter sculpture called “Suyouhua”. Made from yak butter, the sculptures bring to life Buddha, animals and flowers, varying from a few meters tall to less than a centimeter. To prepare for the grand butter sculpture show on the night of January 15 on the lunar calendar, the lamas must start working at least three months ahead. To prevent the butter from melting, they must work in sub-zero temperature and the sculptures are kept in giant glass boxes with air-conditioning after the show.

Another treasure housed in this monastery is the appliquéd embroidery displayed in the Great Hall of Sutra. The pictures are pieced together with silk and the Buddha.

Mural forms another treasure of the monastery.