Author Topic: How to Develop Infinite Altruism?  (Read 11854 times)


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Re: How to Develop Infinite Altruism?
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Wonderful explanation Yontenjamyang, thank you for elaborating. I should have said more. I received a teaching that was such a special blessing insight - when we meditate, we should always mix our mind with the Guru and remember the Guru when meditating; that the meditation subject is the Guru's view; that our meditation is the Guru meditating. We should not simply feel we received some blessings in one section, and now we'll meditate in another, they need to stay connected.

The tendency can often be that our concepts about self, Guru, and objects of meditation are too strongly compartmentalized, so for many years we may still feel for instance that we are very different from someone with universal love and when we meditate we're still caught in a dry web of conceptual thoughts 'everyone is special and wonderful' and we repeat this like a mantra. That has its place, but when we mix our mind with the Guru and keep their blessing present, we quickly move beyond the concepts to the feeling and conviction we are a person with Universal Love.

In a sense, because the lamrim is the Guru's view, we are mixing our mind with the Guru. But by remembering the presence of the Guru, every aspect of our meditations quickly takes a different flavor.