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Re: What do Buddhist believe?
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One practices Buddhismin order to realize a self not subject to birth and death.

Wrong. One practices Buddhism in order to realize the *lack* of a self not subject to birth and death, or of a permanent self. A self which is subject to birth and death, or a dependently-arising self, does exist.

Throughout Asia,one can find a kind of folk Buddhism in which the Buddha and other iconic characters from Buddhist Literature are believed to be divine beings who can hear prayers and grant wishes.

This is just an irresponsible statement. Prayers to wish-granting buddhas and bodhisattvas are taught in myriad authentic sutras and tantras, as exemplified by the Confession Sutra to the 35 Buddhas, by the Prayer in 21 Homages to Tara, included in the Tantra of Tara, and so many others.