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Re: How To Expand Love
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How does one define 'Love' ? According to the Oxford dictionary it is a very strong sense of affection.
Everyone is born with this innate want and need to be loved. When one is deprived of it from young, the person suffers from psychological problems , that most times hurt and harm others and themselves.
Love for another person or object is ego-based. It is also one of the main causes of attachment. When one 'loves' another deeply , that love then becomes totally dependent on that other person to bring him happiness.
I have nothing against Love, but i  agree with Diamond Girl that Love is overrated . Love is one person's perception of another - hence the phrase " Love is blind ".
However Compassion is different.  Compassion encompasses loving kindness, care, concern, generosity , empathy towards another , with no expectations or returns. Compassion is unconditional. Compassion is Divine Love in Action.
In order to expand our compassion, we need to bring into our lives the above mentioned virtues and emulate our Gurus, the highly attained Lamas and Enlightened Masters.

Dondrup Shugden

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Re: How To Expand Love
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"Love is an action, it is caring and compassionate, love is not a feeling or emotion. Love is an action, when my friends need my help and I am busy but I drop what I am doing to help my friends that is love. When I see my friends hurting and I comfort them, that is love. It is not love to say I love you, poor you, etc. But it is when you take action on it, it’s now, it’s I have to go now to help, and that’s the unconditional love." Quoted from Carpenter.

What a great definition of Love without Agenda, Unconditional Love. Without feelings or emotions involved then there is a good chance of eliminating "I" and self. When that happens a lot more than expanding love can begin.