Author Topic: Jesus was a Buddhist Monk?  (Read 12356 times)


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Re: Jesus was a Buddhist Monk?
« Reply #15 on: July 09, 2012, 03:39:10 AM »
I read about this sometime ago. In the book ( can't remember the name of the book now), there are pictures showing proofs that Jesus had been to India to study Buddhism.

In the sutras, it's been said that out of their great compassion , some buddhas or bodhisattvas do manifest as teachers of other faiths. Reason being - all beings seek happiness and want to be free from suffering. When they make a sincere prayer to the holy beings, these high beings will take the appropriate manifestations according to the needs and dispositions of these people.
The main function of these holy manifestations will be to guide people to walk the small or medium scopes since only Buddhism teaches on the ultimate wisdom.

With the right causes created for future human rebirth and virtuous imprints planted on their mind streams; when the conditions ripen for them to meet buddha dharma , it would be easy for them to practice the dharma and continue with their spiritual journey.

Therefore , I'm not surprised at all if Jesus was indeed a Buddhist practitioner. His deeds were similar to that of a bodhisattva. What he most probably had done after learning the dharma from India was to disseminate the dharma in ways that were suitable to the people at that time in the region given their historical and cultural background. Even Jesus' miraculous powers can explained  as the high attainments of spiritual practitioners of Hinduism and/or Buddhism.

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Re: Jesus was a Buddhist Monk?
« Reply #16 on: July 09, 2012, 07:27:18 AM »
Dalai Lama regard Jesus as a Bodhisattva who dedicated his life to the welfare of human beings.

I also find the similarities between Mother Mary and Guan Yin. Some have commented on the similarity between the Blessed Virgin Mary and Guan Yin. The Tzu-Chi Foundation, a Taiwanese Buddhist organization, also noticing the similarity, commissioned a portrait of Guan Yin and a baby that resembles the typical Madonna and Child painting.
Some Chinese of the overwhelmingly Roman Catholic Philippines, in an act of syncretism, have identified Guan Yin with the Virgin Mary.During the Edo Period in Japan, when Christianity was banned and punishable by death, some underground Christian groups venerated the Virgin Mary disguised as a statue of Kannon; such statues are known as Maria Kannon. Many had a cross hidden in an inconspicuous location.

Interesting read of the Parallels of Buddha and Jesus. See link below.


I relate to the fact that Jesus was most probably a Bodhisattva who traveled to India to study the Dharma. I think it matches because his message was about love and peace, which contrasted sharply with the message of the old Jewish Testament that talked about a wrathful and jealous God of the dessert. The difference between the portrayal of God in the New and Old Testament.

So, it makes sense that Jesus traveled to India and brought back many teachings that he moulded according to the belief system of his time. That makes a lot of sense why the teachings had so many similarities with Buddhism. On the other hand, I really like how the Japanese Christians would pray to Kanon and regard her as Mother Mary. I think this is beautiful because I do think Kanon and Mother Mary is the same being.