Author Topic: Is making merit to benefit oneself a selfish action?  (Read 19707 times)


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Re: Is making merit to benefit oneself a selfish action?
« Reply #30 on: June 10, 2012, 01:20:19 PM »
Yes, making merit to benefit oneself is a selfish action and I don’t think what you have collected is merit, its might be only good karma.

But from your example mentioned that one wishes to become a Buddha as a result of making the merit; is this actually a pure motivation as one wishes ultimately to gain something for oneself? I will say that usually our merit is dedicate to ultimate goal which is to achieve enlightenment so the merit still continue support us from life after life until we achieve enlightenment and it is nothing wrong. But a long the way of spiritual path in order for us to become enlightenment, we need to achieve wisdom and compassion as well and if you have bodhicitta mind with full with compassion, I believe you will not just dedicate the merit only to yourself as that is not the bodhicitta mind.
And every time when we dedicate our merit to other, we still collect the merit, it doesn’t not transfer to other.


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Re: Is making merit to benefit oneself a selfish action?
« Reply #31 on: June 14, 2012, 04:03:49 PM »
No way you can make any merit if it is to benefit yourself. That thought that motivation itself already disqualifies one from collecting any merits, perhaps some good karma. However, it is said that it is better for us to think this way rather then nothing at all. Slowly our mind will transform from the good deed and we can think bigger... thinking about Bodhichitta and benefiting others.

We can also make aspirational prayers to start with so that we can set our motivation right. Perhaps inside it is tainted with the 8 worldly concerns, but it is still better then nothing at all. Sure it is definitely excellent if we are selfless and can sincerely start with a Bodhichitta motivation.

Ratnasutra: If you say merit cannot transfer to the other person then what is the point of having dedicational prayers that says may I dedicate merit to all sentient beings or so and so. I am sure not all of the merits goes to that person but a portion of it does go... and well if it does not then why do people do huge pujas in the monasteries for themselves, their family or loved ones? Of course it is possible... more is being discussed here...

"When I dedicate my merit to someone else, how does this work?" 

Dondrup Shugden

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Re: Is making merit to benefit oneself a selfish action?
« Reply #32 on: February 25, 2015, 11:57:28 AM »
"Is making merit to benefit oneself a selfish action ?

Definitely NO.

True merits are generated only if the deeds are motivated by the mind of renunciation.

Objects that is forsaken by the mind of renunciation is samsara. Samsara does not exist outside ourselves. Samsara is the uncontrolled rebirth caused by actions of negative body, speech and mind arise from selfishness .

If one's wish is to generate merits with a mind of renunciation and the pure motive to ultimately benefits others, this action is noble and certainly not a selfish one."

The negative answer to this question is based on the motivation of gain merits and the platform to gain merits through renunciation.

This internal motivation cannot be deceptive and the motivation must be based on honesty, integrity and bodhichitta.  The every journey of making merits for oneself and gaining it is already the practice of compassion and wisdom and bodhichitta.

Therefore I would also conclude that making merits for oneself is not selfish if the motivation is to benefit others on a larger scope of things.