Author Topic: Pastlife Regression as a method?  (Read 14209 times)


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Re: Pastlife Regression as a method?
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i heard of some true story of someone who went for past life regression and it changed her life.

It was sometime ago, so I can't really remember much. This woman attended a past-life regression workshop. She is not mean but she just hates people and not like being around anyone. She wanted to find out why. During the regression, she was asked if she wanted to know her past life. So she saw her past life but it gave no effects to her. She was a racist before. (Hence, this intense dislike for people in the future perhaps!) So she was asked if she wanted to see her future life? So she saw her future life. After seeing her future life, she completely changed and is now serving others as a social worker. (hmmm ... i can imagine what her future life can be!)

So yeah ... apparently past life regression does not necessary see past lives only but also can take you to future lives. Maybe it's a good method for some if the future is negative. What if the future is positive?

One may take it easy with life assuming everything will bright and lovely.