Author Topic: What does being one with the Yidam, Guru means?  (Read 10992 times)

Dondrup Shugden

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Re: What does being one with the Yidam, Guru means?
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Thank you Physlo for the explanation which I have read thoroughly and shall try to quiet my conventional analytical mind and experience the moment during my next meditation session.

Although I seem to understand your explanation, I know it will not be easy but for sure I will try my best to have the concentration to do.


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Re: What does being one with the Yidam, Guru means?
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Indeed, much joyous effort is required to accomplish this. However, if as a beginner we read and hear teaching about the conventional nature of mind in particular, then meditate on this, it helps reduce distraction and gives rise to many insights regarding the rest of the path. All the other things I mention are extra elements to play with once we have some initial experience of the conventional nature of mind. The 1st Panchen Lama praised this practice highly in his teachings on MAHAMUDRA and says it is particularly helpful for beginners.

If when doing so you bare in mind that the main point is to rest in the tranquility of this nature rather than continue analyzing and thinking, this will lead in the desired direction.

Then, when we visualize the GuruDeity descend into our heart, rather than thinking a lot about mixing, we simply return to our experience of resting in minds formless nature, no center, no circumference, knowing our Guru is here.

Je Tilopa said of this:

Don't recall, don't imagine, don't think, don't examine, don't control. Rest.

This refers to resting in the experience of mind once we've utilized definitions and analogies to identify mind, and how to sustain the experience. It would be nothing but worthwhile for beginners to start with this.