Author Topic: Dalai Lama: The Soldier of Peace  (Read 4630 times)


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Dalai Lama: The Soldier of Peace
« on: August 21, 2013, 07:29:33 PM »

The links above talk about a comic book by  Vijay Kranti, I have not gotten hold of this comic book or read it, but I feel that this comic book probably does not mention much about Dorje Shugden in the role of ' the thrilling escape of the Dalai Lama into exile '.  Anyways below is his emails perhaps we can share more information with him, his emails are as per below

[email protected]. [email protected].


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Re: Dalai Lama: The Soldier of Peace
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2013, 08:21:18 PM »
I believe that this comic would be interesting. I just hope it shows that the Dalai Lama did consulted the Dorje Shugden oracle before escaping to India. Closely following the instructions that  were given by Dorje Shugden.


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Re: Dalai Lama: The Soldier of Peace
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2013, 08:58:31 PM »
Would be interesting to have a copy of the comic to read on. However, from the articles,
“… I have presented the book so that the new generation understands what is Tibet? What is Dalai Lama? What does Tibet stand for? What he is struggling for? And the way he has lived his life for the cause of Tibet," Kranti said.
  I have the impression that this book is written from the angle to pursue the freedom of Tibet and may have written for political reasons.

For me, I respect HH Dalai Lama and he is the warrior of peace or the icon of peace in the aspect that he brings Buddhism and Dharma to others that gives people the peace in their mind. Books like “How to Practise – The Way to a Meaningful Life.  By His Holiness the Dalai Lama” and “The Dalai Lama's Little Book of Inner Peace: The Essential Life and Teachings” will be a better choice.


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Re: Dalai Lama: The Soldier of Peace
« Reply #3 on: October 31, 2013, 09:14:51 AM »
The Dalai Lama deserves much credit not only as a Soldier of Peace but Soldier of Green Environment.  No doubt Tibet has not much green but for centuries Tibetans have been living in harmony with nature and preserving planet earth before the Chinese invasion.  Tibet was truly the "Lost Horizon", the Shangri-la on earth.  Is this reminiscing the past or can it be reverted to the past?

Dalai Lama on zones of peace

Terry reis kennedy, Oct 31, 2013:
I thought of going out of India for a holiday.  But go where?    Even the travel agent admitted, “There are risks everywhere.”  Indeed, peace can only be found within.
However, His Holiness the Dalai Lama wants it without as well. 

He noted, “I see Tibet’s role (in an Asian Community committed towards working together) as what I have previously called a “Zone of Peace”: a neutral, demilitarized sanctuary where weapons are forbidden and the people live in harmony with nature.  This is not merely a dream—it is precisely the way Tibetans tried to live for over a thousand years before our country was invaded.”

China, under Mao Tse Tung, invaded Tibet in the 1950s and slaughtered millions of people, destroyed monasteries, schools, ancient artifacts, and scriptures as well.  He did this in the name of progress, he claimed; and to get access to the rich natural resources of a then relatively unknown place—at the top of the world.

Instead, years of pain and suffering began not just for Tibetans, but for Chinese as well.  The Tibetan Diaspora continues as people risk their lives daily to try to escape from their oppressors. By the Grace of the Buddha, Tibetans were given refuge in India and His Holiness was one of the first to arrive.

Peace zones would certainly be my points of destination. I would enjoy living in harmony with nature without the fear of being mugged, robbed, raped—or bombed out of my accommodations by militants.  Is it really possible, though?

The Living Buddha noted, “As everybody knows, in Tibet all forms of wildlife were strictly protected in accordance with Buddhist principles.  Also, for at least the last three hundred years, we had no proper army.  Tibet gave up the waging of war as an instrument of national policy in the sixth and seventh centuries, after the reign of our three great religious kings.”

The embodiment of the compassion of Avilokiteswara explained, “Zones of peace within regional communities would serve as oases of stability.  While paying their fare share of the costs of any collective force created by the community as a whole, these zones of peace would be the forerunners and beacons of an entirely peaceful world and would be exempt from engaging in any conflict.”

How truly tragic it is that I, for one, can’t travel to Tibet without being spied on, or worse.  When you write about the teachings of His Holiness, you incur the wrath of those who wish to silence him.  The Chinese government today still regards the Dalai Lama and his supporters as troublemakers for their insistence that Tibet be given back to Tibetans so that they might live freely in their own country.

Refusing to give up, His Holiness continues to encourage, “If regional communities do develop in Asia, South America and Africa and disarmament progresses so that an international force from all regions is created, these zones of peace will be able to expand, spreading tranquility as they grow.”


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Re: Dalai Lama: The Soldier of Peace
« Reply #4 on: October 31, 2013, 07:36:27 PM »
It is well known that Tibet today and as part of China is the less poluted environment on Earth, just after South Pole and North Pole (

But if it were under Western colonialist-extrativist-predatory control, through their puppet Dalai, it would surely be as polluted, exploited and destroyed by the likes of Chevron, Exxon or Rio Tinto as the mountains of Chile or the forests of Ecuador.

As to the myth of “Shangri-la”, any clowns out there still believing it? Even the Dalai supporters avoid this ridiculous description of the burning hell where 95% of the population were slaves under the very same Dalie Lame.

The old hoax of “millions of Tibetans” killed by the Chinese are just the usual Jewish-Western propaganda cover for their own continuous and systematic massacres of Buddhist people, from Japan to Korea to Laos to Cambodia to Vietnam.

Lucky were the Tibetans, as they were under direct Chinese protection, and therefore the Jewish-Westerner mass murderers, the Muslim Dalai allies, did not dare to openly attack.

And as to the “disarm yourself” discourse, this not precisely what the criminal tells to their victim in order to assault them?

Yes, this is precisely  the talk of the Dalai, as per the script of his sponsor and root-guru, the mega-speculator and international troublemaker George Soros.

Now some pictures of how the “green” in countries colonized by the Dalai's Western mentors and sponsors:


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Re: Dalai Lama: The Soldier of Peace
« Reply #5 on: November 01, 2013, 11:33:36 AM »
There is not a single doubt about how influential Dalai Lama is. For all the hardwork and long traveling to all over the workd for the benefit of all sentient beings. His escape from the attack in Tibet by China opened the door for all High Lamas to travel all over the world to set up centers and spread Lord Buddha's teachings to every corner of the world. The extend of influence of the Tibetan Buddhism to the public is immense and have benefited so so many people.  That is true, but it is also the deed of Dalai Lama of banning the practice of Dorje Shugden that made everything jnto chaos and confusing for many followers who for the good part of their lives have been practising Dorje Shugden until the ban came to life. It has also caused many people to run away and continue to practice despite the ban and risked harsh treatment and discrimination materiliased upon themselves. So this is so not fair to them. I plead the ban to be uplifted immediately for the sake of all people as claims of Dorje Shugden being an evil spirit is not true at all as proofed in the website full of evidence.