Author Topic: Dalai Lama Appealed to Buddhists in Burma and Sri Lanka to stop Violence  (Read 9014 times)


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I wonder if there is any proof to that.

As to the “proof” of the evil dalie's sinister connections with Western-sponsored anti-China terrorism, these are matter of public knowledge, widely documented, and clearly shown even by US declassified documents with a profusion of links even on this website.

By the way, the evil dalie's subservience to Western anti-China terrorist-colonizers is old, and you are probably the only person in the world not aware that the evil 13th dalie gave South Tibet to his Jewish-British puppet-masters, what is now known as Arunachal Pradesh.

Therefore it is not a matter of “proof”, but of naive blinded people stubbornly insisting that the emperor is not naked.