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Title: Action for HHDL's visit?
Post by: Johnny on January 27, 2008, 05:43:44 AM
Hi again,

I'm curious if action should be taken...our center here is brand new and we are trying to establish ourselves,but not too recently HHDL announced his visit to our city,and the Buddhist community  is anticipating this and arranging many events in his honour,i'm just curious if I should take any kind of action to protect or at least let our (this website) be heard as well.
I know for a fact my teachers will not approve of action.
They both have been involved the protests in the early 90's and so they already have been through this....any advice?

His visit is planned for 2009....

It's great to see Dharma interest in my city,but will this affect my center's growth?
We have a very very small group and not even an established location just yet,and Ven. Geshe-la was kind enough to give us independent status and our own new Resident Teacher regardless of this because of the 5 of us who are devoted.
Title: Re: Action for HHDL's visit?
Post by: beggar on January 27, 2008, 06:04:26 AM
Dear Johnny,
urgent: please don't do anything your teachers don't approve of. If your group is small and new it's all the more important to start right, so that you can continue and grow.
i suggest instead you share our website with them and most of all right now ask them to support the current urgent action started by caring friends here to write to the officials to stop the injustices done to the Sangha in South India and in general.

yours, beggar

Title: Re: Action for HHDL's visit?
Post by: mountains on January 27, 2008, 06:19:50 AM
Dear Johnny,

HHDL visit will most likely affect your current members and also new members to come. But that is temporary. Ultimately whatever HH might say during his stay re Dorje Shugden will not be heard and recognized by all. Also the problem is other dharma centres might use that 'against' you. But if you remain steadfast, then you will overcome. They lose steam over time. In fact good to recommend them to this website. Educate them.

I dont see any use in doing things that your teacher didnt recommend such as protests, as that will bring undue and unnecessary attention to your new centre negatively. Introducing them to this forum and website will help them alot as it has helped me and many others judging from viewership.  That would be a good online support for them when your members may have questions and or doubts. Support is a very important factor.

It would be good to concentrate on Dorje Shugden's sadhana more in the centre or individually, do the serkym part as much as possible to increase the centre and to focus on control aspect of Dorje Shugden's mantra (400,000).

I am sure that eventually your centre will grow, expand and increase like all the other centre's that has been started by your teacher. Create the causes for it to increase and it will.  There are many who will be affected by the HHDL speech, but there are many more who will not be or hasnt heard anything nor care.

I offer my hearty congratulations to the opening of your centre and I am sure it will grow. Dave, you are courageous and have great conviction to spread the Dharma.
Title: Re: Action for HHDL's visit?
Post by: mountains on January 27, 2008, 06:26:08 AM
Dear Trinley Kalsang,

I agree with you that it is not appropriate to discuss internal group matters for the same reasons you quoted.

Therefore I find the Admin's suggestion very timely to have a special section in this website with verified identities to have access and share information for those who wish to do more and be in the know as to what to do. It is still not 100% failsafe, but at least there is a platform.

After all, communication is very important. No doubt, Dorje Shugden's practice will prevail in the end, but for now, we must be be steadfast.
Title: Re: Action for HHDL's visit?
Post by: a friend on January 27, 2008, 06:51:09 AM
Dear Johnny,

Follow the advice everybody is giving you here.
Dharma is not about protests in the streets nor anything like that, particularly not to establish our own ideas. It is not correct and is not efficient. And it always backfires.

Remember the advice some Geshe was kind enough to send to this website: The Protector does not need protection.

The case of the monks of Southern India is an emergency, if you can stop such actions as throwing our brother monks to the streets by calling for help people that have jurisdiction and might be able to do something, then it's ok. If you notice, we have been trying to act with the lowest possible profile, just enough to be efficient. Anyway, we are not trying to impose our ideas nor defend ourselves, we are trying to help the ones that seem helpless, and that is something in total accord with our morality.

Like mountains, I congratulate you and wish you the best for your Center.

a f
Title: Re: Action for HHDL's visit?
Post by: Johnny on January 27, 2008, 08:00:22 AM
Thank you very much for the advice.

Is this thread covered for "members" only thus far? or should I take it down or not reveal my center's name?
Title: Re: Action for HHDL's visit?
Post by: Alexis on January 27, 2008, 08:47:15 AM

We're just discussing the possibility of demonstrating for Human Rights in this post. It's still not illegal to do that!

Also there is a difference between now and 1996. Now the Dalai-Lama has taken illegal measures violating religious rights and the indian constitution. This was not the case in 1996.

I still think you should follow your teacher's advice though!


Title: Re: Action for HHDL's visit?
Post by: mountains on January 27, 2008, 09:11:01 AM
Dear Johnny,


Besides, your post brings attention to the fear and intimidation the tibetan govt in exile is creating. They directly intimidate and block religious practice within the realms under their direct jurisdiction and try to negatively influence those that are not. Your post shows that to everyone. Build, create and make sure you have a wonderful and beautiful Dorje Shugden image in your new centre!!Again, good luck to your centre.