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Duke aka Losang Tenpa aka Darrick Okkelberg aka Tenzin Sungrab aka Sangha Jewels aka Dharma Bridge Foundation has unfortunately been found out to be misappropriating money from Sangha Jewels by the monastery. That is why the Monastery has disbanded Sangha Jewel with their official letter. If nothing was found out, why did the monastery disband them? Are all 800 monks, geshes, teachers all stupid to kill their own cash cow? No they are not! Of course now Shar Gaden wants to hush up the incident and hopefully it blows away. It's embarrassing and can prove tricky with the Indian authorities. Losang Tenpa took money from the public and he is accountable to the public-FULL STOP. You want to fundraise from the public, then you better be transparent.

1. He and his partner Abby Citron of Sangha Jewels has over 29 arrests between them for many types of offences (Go to Robert Carey's fb page and see all the evidence presented- ( including peddling narcotics concerning minors. That shows lack of morals. Their arrest records are for public viewing. Would you want to do business with this jewel of a business couple?

2. Losang Tenpa and Abby Citron has over four paypal accounts to receive various funds including selling thangkas online. They have not and will not submit their paypal accounts, statements and passwords to the monastery. The monastery has no records. They take advantage of the fact that most of the monks are not proficient with English and internet fundraising as well as scams. Losang Tenpa found a perfect loophole in this. If the monastery has checked the accounts and it turned out kosher, then Shar Gaden Monastery will not disband Sangha Jewels. Logical?

3. Just because Losang Tenpa is friendly with you online and is charming does not mean he is not doing something wrong. If he was neutral towards you and you hear of his criminal record, would you not be alert and careful with this person. Don't protect conmen just because they are your friends. You owe them nothing but you owe the monastery the truth as well as the public. Answer to a higher authority-karma. His style is to charm you out of your money. Don't be tricked by his smooth talk and 'monkly' appearance because most criminals act in such a conduct. The most famous serial killers in history were smooth, suave, very charming and appear as the nice wholesome neighbor next door. There is a reason Losang Tenpa was arrested and convicted SEVENTEEN TIMES. Losang Tenpa claims he has never kept his criminal past hidden, but how could he keep it hidden when it is on the internet for all to see with a little investigation.

4. Losang Tenpa up till three months ago was on a dating site. Telling the potential dates he is bisexual and seeking true love. What is a monk doing on a dating site? Why is he talking of his sexual orientation? As a monk you should never be on a dating site! What is he trolling for? Would you trust your daughter or son with this person. Now there are new allegations of him perhaps having misappropriate behavior with the young monks. He has hundreds of photos of very young and younger monks and he himself in many poses with them. How convenient as he claims to be raising money for them so of course he needs their pictures. Sound like a racket. Is he selling these photos? On his facebook page (which has been reported and recorded) he has many questionable ways of expressing to one young monk in particular how much he 'loves' and 'misses' him. Pulling at your heart strings for money or expressing something unnatural or both? Good manipulation by a master conman of 17 arrests. Taking expressions of love to this young monk here out of context, it sounds benign, but when placed next to scores of pictures of this young monk, it looks suspicious and when Losang Tenpa laments about this repeatedly it has raised the eyebrows of many on the net of what his lovelorn heart is missing. His interactions with these young monks does not sound parental. He can erase all evidence on his fb, but it has been saved. Many dare not speak up due to staining Shar Gaden's reputation of harboring this 17 time convicted ex-convict. Pictures, writings and all information will be submitted to the US, Indian, Nepalese authorities as well as CTA. This is ridiculous. Worshipping Dhogyal is one issue, but harboring such a criminal with a rap sheet that hits the floor is another. People CAN make mistakes but NOT SEVENTEEN TIMES! Wake up. Losang Tenpa is claiming his accusers are ruining his life and friends please support him. Well how many lives did he ruin. Why did he get arrested seventeen times? Would you trust your daughter or son with this person? Do you want to take any chances? Losang Tenpa is not above the law just because he put on robes and suddenly becomes a monk and 'reformed'. Every religious and non religious organization have their scandals and scandal makers. Losang Tenpa is one of them.

5. Losang Tenpa should have quietly raised funds through Sangha Jewel and embezzle as he likes. No one would pay attention. But he is nasty on line, accusational and with his accusations puts people's lives at risk. He makes unfounded statements and threats of others and then turns around and apologizes putting people's lives in danger. This will not do. Many have spoken up quietly in both the Tibetan and non-Tibetan scenes. Losang, you should have just shut up and just quietly enjoy the money and no one would know the better! Losang Tenpa writes hundreds of private messages to people gaining their favor and making friend with them with the hope they will further advertise/market his Sangha Jewels. More profits. Did anyone ask for statements, proof and accounts of Sangha Jewels? Of course not. Losang Tenpa is a monk and he cannot cheat. Well monks, sorry to say do lie, watch porn, cheat, go on dating sites, disrobe and run away with women and men. They are just humans too. That is not to blame unblemished monks either. There are pure monks needless to say I would assume. When you are raising for an organization, you have to be transparent and share with the public what was raised and what was achieved. What's wrong with that? You use the public, then you are liable to the public. He has antagonized many people and many people are angry and will take action legally. I am sure the authorities in the state of Iowa will enjoy reading all of this very soon.

Losang Tenpa has been nasty, accuses people, creates schism among the various online communities and perfect fodder for stuff we read about in Tabloids.This is not meant to hurt Shar Gaden, but nevertheless, Shar Gaden will be implicated. You should have kept quiet and just raise your funds and no one would would know what you are doing. You should not make enemies online or offline! Now the table will be turned on you fully. Losang Tenpa in his online direct and behind the scenes attacks have really upset many people who do not need to go online and express anything, but they will pursue this to the full extent of the law. No one will rest. Losang Tenpa should have kept quiet and misappropriated funds. Let see if all your online friends who supported you and send you their love will feel now. All your friends online and their messages to you are recorded. Perhaps some of them are in on it and need to support you?

6. When Losang Tenpa first arrived in Shar Gaden many monks complained and it was hushed up that he drank himself to a stupor daily. He would buy beer and alcohol back to the monastery and hide in his room and drink. Urinate in his bed and not even clean up. One senior monk has a talk with him to say this has got to stop. He would be behind locked doors constantly and just drink. You may say that was the past and he is a monk now. But did you stop and think that no alcohol is allowed in the monastery for consumption in the first place? His usual flagrant disrespect of rules and authority. Even prior to his 'ordination' he was disrespectful to the rules and regulations of the monastery not long ago. Do you want to go to Shar Gaden and see a lay person holed up in his rooms for weeks drinking away and drunk? Well this had to be hushed up too. But let's make it simple, the monastery has 800 monks and there are plenty of witnesses and monks talk. Many monks talk and Sangha Jewels money misappropriations are spreading like wildfire throughout the Tibetan world, authorities and it could stain NKT due to Abby Citron's involvement.

(Side note: Geshe Kelsang prudently disassociated himself from Losang Tenpa/Sangha Jewels and has told him via his representatives firmly NKT are not involved with Losang Tenpa or Sangha Jewels. Geshe Kelsang is a different story altogether, but let's not go there. Losang Tenpa has approached NKT to donate and help and they were willing till the scandal hit. But he was firmly told to not use Geshe Kelsang or NKT in anything to do with Sangha Jewels. Interesting to note that Abby Citron is a part of NKT in Florida. What will NKT advise this 9 time convicted dharma jewel? NKT better be swift)

7. On the Sangha Jewels website (now taken down and defunct) he places the pictures of the abbot, senior monks and monks 'testimonials' of how much good Sangha Jewels is doing for the monastery. He does not have the permission of the abbot and all to do this. He simply posts it up and puts up their 'testimonials'. Another marketing ploy to convince you of how genuine they are using the monks. Hogwash!

Losang Tenpa aka Duke has full control of Sangha Jewels. None of the monks are legal entities on Sangha Jewels nor the paypals. There are Shar Gaden monks with foreign passports in Europe and America he can ask to join for transparency. But he did not. All monies collected from all four paypal accounts are not handled by the monastery nor transmitted to the monastic bank accounts. Losang Tenpa is the sole person doing all this.

To add insult to injury, Losang Tenpa was controlling the Shar Gaden facebook page and websites. Feigning to be the monastic officials/administration he would use Shar Gaden facebook page to connect with Sangha Jewels and thank donors using Shar Gaden Facebook page. It really looks legit! When you donate to Sangha Jewels, then Losang Tenpa would acknowledge sometimes using Shar Gaden's facebook account. Of course you didn't know this is Losang Tenpa giving you the appearance the monastery approves. He had no permission to do so. The abbot is highly displeased and the rumour have spread throughout the Tibetan world embarrassing the abbot. Losang Tenpa in the attempt to mitigate this scandal is messaging lamas and monks and even relatives of high lamas on weechat in an attempt to convince them of his innocence. Just show all your accounts publicly and then let's decide. He has left pages and pages of weechat voice messages to various Tibetans to clear his name. What Losang Tenpa does not know is his misappropriation of funds using Sangha Jewels has spread through the Tibetan world. Some of the Tibetans will appear friendly with him and ask him questions or listen to him, but in the process more information is being obtained. Who are your friends Mr. Losang Tenpa?

Losang Tenpa's has been dramatically telling people he is leaving Shar Gaden. He has been saying he is going to Nepal for retreat. He will most probably focus on the two Nepalese Tibetan Monasteries (Segyud Monastery and Phelgye Ling Monastery) to continue fundraising as he thinks he has good relations with them and their trust. But let's make one thing clear, the authorities will be informed thoroughly in Nepal and this will bring investigations to the Monasteries. The monasteries in Nepal do not need this hassle and Losang Tenpa will bring this problem to them if he decides to hide out there or pretending to 'retreat'. If Losang Tenpa is truly a reformed person and became a monk with good intentions, go and do deep retreats. You don't need to be on the internet trolling for money. Go and purify your karma of 17 convictions. Keep quiet. Don't be nasty online to people who oppose your views or who don't want to involve in your scams and then say you are being bullied or the monastery is being bullied. How to bully 800 monks? Losang Tenpa says nothing, does nothing and helps in no way for the ban of Shugden to be released. Non-existent ban in fact! He instead hides in his room in Shar Gaden drinking beer, arguing with the other guests in the monastery, misappropriating funds via Sangha Jewels, going on dating sites, expressing love to young monks and letting us all know he is bisexual searching for true love.

None of his online 'friends' should be supporting Duke aka Losang Tenpa, and all your other aliases et al just because you are friend with him online, but look at the facts. Protect the sangha from ex convicts. CTA will have a field day with this. Thanks Duke aka Sangha Jewel. For your greed, you stain the reputation of a whole monastery! The honorable thing to do now is to confess up and clear the monastery's name. Dpn't take everyone down with you. The only place you found acceptance in your lonely criminal filled life is among the Tibetans and monks and this is what you did. The previous abbot gave you a chance when the monks wanted to kick you out for drinking, don't you remember? This is how you embarrass him?. Sometimes evidence can be circumstantial but Losang Tenpa created the circumstances. Losang Tenpa aka Darrick R. Okkelberg, for once in your life confess and be truthful. For once in your life after 17 convictions think of someone else and not just yourself. You misappropriated the funds and when found out you try to direct the attention away. Your online friends will not stick by you forever, but one thing for sure, many will keep reporting you to the various authorities.

Post by: christine V on October 30, 2014, 04:30:23 AM
It is shock to know a criminal "hidding" in monastery and for more crime work. Darrick Okkelberg, you are wasting your chances as a precious human life and obviously you do not believe in karma.  IF you are truly learning dharma, i don't think you dare to do this to the monks. The monks in the monastery, in fact have very hard life due to this ban. And yet, you not only not helping them, living under one roof,  you have hurt them, using their trust on you and did things to hurt the monastery badly.  You are adding salt to the monks' wound.
Please leave the monastery! You have cause enough damage
Post by: Kim Hyun Jae on October 30, 2014, 05:58:34 AM
Thank you, Geoff for highlighting this issue on Losang Tenpa aka Duke aka Sangha Jewels website and Facebook. Yes - he has been raising funds online in name of the monastery but it was without the knowledge of the Abbot of the monastery. He and his partner, Abby Citron had been misleading online friends to donate kindly to them. There are evidence online via Robert Carey's Facebook that has exposed their actions.

The current and future sangha community has to be aware of such "friends" who solicit donations online via unscrupulous means deceiving the kindness of others and to bring a BAD name to the monastic community.

We should NOT let such bad behavior of such "friends" affect the website of or to bring down such a great website where we get DS information from.

Post by: thaimonk on November 02, 2014, 04:18:15 PM
I found this on Robert Carey's FB page:

Misappropriation of Funds by Losang Tenpa/Sangha Jewels/Dharma Bridge:

In 2011, Kelsang Oden of NKT kindly conceptualized and founded Dharma Bridge Foundation together with Losang Tenpa aka Duke aka Tenzin Sungrab aka Darrick R Okkelberg. To ensure the integrity of the foundation, one monk from each of the following monasteries Shar Gaden, Serpom, Segyu, Phelgyeling and Samten Choling were invited to become co-administrators of Dharma Bridge Foundation, and to represent their respective monasteries.

Dharma Bridge Foundation had a successful start to their online fundraising campaign. They raised good amounts. Because the project involved a nun from NKT, many students from NKT supported the project on the basis of their trust in her. NKT people were indeed generous and kind towards these monasteries that follow Trijang Rinpoche's lineage. Dharma Bridge Fb page is open but the last post was on July 5, 2013 by Kelsang Oden.

Initially Shar Gaden and Serpom Monasteries in South India were receiving funds from Dharma Bridge on a regular basis. However, during a particular campaign to raise funds for books for Serpom Monastery, the monks of Serpom contacted Kelsang Oden and told her they had not received any funds. Suspicious, Kelsang Oden checked the accounts and noticed that donations had been coming in more slowly than usual and eventually dwindled to nothing. Kelsang Oden grew even more suspicious and began her own investigations. She discovered that Losang Tenpa had started Sangha Jewels and had asked Dharma Bridge sponsors to support this new initiative instead of Dharma Bridge. Kelsang Oden really wanted to help these monasteries and since Losang Tenpa was living in Shar Gaden monastery, she thought he would be the perfect choice. Being a monk, Losang Tenpa should be honest and above suspicion. Unbeknownst to Kelsang Oden, Losang Tenpa has had 17 arrest and conviction records accumulated over the last two decades.

When Kelsang Oden confronted Losang Tenpa, he was rude to her and told her to mind her own business, that Sangha Jewel was his personal venture and none of her business. In fact Losang Tenpa told the public, it was formed by Shar Gaden monastery when in fact it was not. This was said to gain the trust of the NKT organization and the public. Distressed by his reaction, Kelsang Oden confided in a few trusted friends. Since Sangha Jewels claimed to be raising funds for monasteries and to wish to benefit the Shugden monks, Kelsang Oden closed Dharma Bridge without a fuss. As long as the aim of raising funds for Shugdenpas was achieved, she had no objections to the method.

Ever since Sangha Jewels was exposed recently, Losang Tenpa’s secretive establishment of Sangha Jewels now makes sense. Losang Tenpa saw the success of Dharma Bridge and how he could use social media to get easy money. However he had no control over Dharma Bridge’s accounts because they were in the safe hands of Kelsang Oden and with honest sangha representatives from all the monasteries, he would not be able to persuade them to join his scheme to embezzle funds. Hence, Losang Tenpa saw a need to start another organisation called Sangha Jewels, so he could have full control of the accounts and willing accomplices such as Abby Citron who has nine arrests and convictions for peddling narcotics with minors. Losang Tenpa had no friends and sponsors when he entered Shar Gaden. He was poor. Dharma Bridge through Kelsang Oden connected him to a wealthy pool of sponsors in the NKT and among the general public.

Losang Tenpa exploited the trusting monks of Shar Gaden, their lack of technical knowledge and poor English to create a cosy scheme for himself where on one side he appears as the hero of Shugden monasteries raising funds for young monks, their education and also sick monks. From behind the scenes however, he embezzled a portion of the donations given for his own personal gain and pleasure. He uses this money to travel the world, purchase the latest technological gadgets and fills his bank accounts. He refuses to show his four PayPal accounts which he shrewdly shares with Abby Citron.

When some monks investigated the overlap in foundations and purposes, they were told a different story. According to Losang Tenpa, Kelsang Oden could no longer be contacted and despite numerous requests for the funds to be transferred to Serpom, Kelsang Oden ignored all these requests. After much difficulty in tracking her down, Kelsang Oden said she was having personal financial problems and would not be able to transfer any funds raised to the monastery. According to Losang Tenpa, he was concerned and on that basis, wanted to continue helping the monasteries so he established Sangha Jewels. Kelsang Oden was not useful to his schemes any longer obviously. Criminals have a tendency to be good at forging stories to cover their tracks as in this case to continue to embezzle. Up till today, Losang Tenpa refuses to show his accounts to the monastery, donors and recipients. Obviously the four hidden PayPal accounts hold the key to his lies.

Evidently Losang Tenpa has for many years now been giving false information to the public so he can swindle them of their hard-earned cash. Under the assumption that NKT’s Board of Directors support his project, many students have been donating to Sangha Jewels in the hopes of supporting the monasteries and monks. As we know now, this is not the case.

Currently, Losang Tenpa has absconded to North India and still refuses to reveal the accounts. His partner in Sangha Jewels, Abby Citron attends protests against the ban of Shugden in her bedroom slippers, not shouting the usual slogans by NKT, and takes frequent breaks to smoke her cigarettes openly. She is reported as not doing much at the protests and just hangs around brochures in a leisurely manner to those who pass by. Of course she has to go to these protests in order to keep herself and Losang Tenpa in NKT's good books. What remains to be seen is whether Abby is part of the plot with Losang Tenpa or she was a victim like Kelsang Oden.

Since Sangha Jewels run by Losang Tenpa and Abby Citron procured many donations from the pubic, they are liable to be honest and post accounts to the public, donors and the monastery. Losang Tenpa claims he has shown everything to the monastery, but the monastic officials deny this and thereby disassociated themselves from Sangha Jewels aka Losang Tenpa.

The Sangha Jewels website had the pictures of prominent lamas and monks with 'testimonials' claiming Sangha Jewels was so beneficial. Of course this was without permission. In fact the head of Pelgye Ling Monastery Gen Jangchub when shown the testimonial of the abbot of his monastery was shocked, disappointed and upset. Losang Tenpa aka Darrick Read Okkelberg had not obtained permission to use such a statement. The statements on the now defunct Sangha Jewels website was used to trick the public and it worked while it lasted. Now Losang Tenpa has closed down his Facebook pages, the many Sangha Jewels Facebook pages have disappeared from the internet landscape. He had numerous Facebook pages created in order to find new and varied markets to get donations for Sangha Jewels. Cheating and using the monks is something that is beyond common decency and to top it off, these monks are refugees.

One interesting item to note is when Losang Tenpa came to the monastery prior to his ordination, he would bring beer and alcohol into his room and drink himself into a stupor daily with so many young and senior monks in view. So much disrespect. He would remain in bed all day and drink within the sacred confines of a temple. He would be high or drunk and not bathe for days scattering his room in the monastery with empty beer cans. The monks on many occasions implored him to not break the rules which he did not listen to. He was asked to leave until one of the senior monks stepped in and gave him a chance, which he now takes advantage of by embezzling from the monastery. Alcohol for personal consumption is strictly prohibited in Buddhist monasteries throughout the world. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso the spiritual head of NKT has clearly stated he has no association with Sangha Jewels and Losang Tenpa. If you wish to affirm this, you can write into NKT's authorities.

Just slightly off the beaten track here, but Losang Tenpa an ordained monk has been on dating sites. Leaving his picture, sexual preference as bisexual and in the About Me section he writes his dream is to find TRUE LOVE. You may say this was the past, but he last posted not more than four months ago and from Shar Gaden Monastery. What is going on? Why is this bogus monk looking for true love on a dating site and proclaiming his bisexuality?

Due to the exposure of his embezzlement, Losang Tenpa was seen crying and begging others to believe his innocence, saying his life is ruined and reputation destroyed. But his reputation as a honest law abiding citizen was destroyed by his 17 convicted arrests and jailings long ago. There is a reason people's arrest records are available to the public. That is to protect the public from crimininals who cannot seem to reform. When this scandal was first exposed many people posted their support for Losang Tenpa online and believed he was genuine. But the support dwindled as the full scam was revealed. He portrayed himself as some hero in the refugee Tibetan monasteries raising funds for monks and marketed himself well. Tens of thousands of dollars were deposited into his four PayPal accounts with Abby Citron. We hope NKT will investigate Abby Citron as it is a blemish to their good works. We have not lost our confidence in Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and the NKT sangha and luckily this was finally caught. No one should support this scheme. All monies must go directly to the monasteries and be managed by the monastic administrators themselves. This was a heavy price to pay and learn.

We do hope Losang Tenpa will get a proper job, stop drinking and live an honest life. A life of crime and 17 convictions is too much. Would you trust your daughter with him? Would you open a business with a criminal convicted 17 times? According to the Buddhist text on monastic conduct, the four major root vows are not stealing, lying about attainments, sexual interaction and killing. When any of these are committed the monk is disrobed. Well in our opinion Darrick R. Okkelberg should remove his monk's robes, repent and return to lay life and get a job. Earn an honest living for once. Don't you get tired of your deception because we are? Perhaps finally go into a long spiritual retreat and purify. But Losang Tenpa aka Darrick should never be involved in handling monies, donations and monetary transactions ever again on behalf on anyone.

All findings and investigations will be reported to authorities in the various states he has lived in in the USA, India and Nepal. We hope everyone understands that no one should cheat anyone. I was a donor and am shocked how 'sangha' can do this. I am very angry and I will continue to find more evidence and report these people. If the monks further cooperate with Tenpa, it shows duplicity. I guess there are errant monks as well as good ones. If Tenpa has any shred of humanity left, he should go far away from the monks and leave them alone. More than an apology is necessary already to the monks, donors and many others. Return our money. When you raise money from the public, be transparent. Losang Tenpa aka Darrick R. Okkelberg aka Sangha Jewels should never abuse and use the monks and fool the public with the robes he wears. He has left a scar on those who wear the saffron robes genuinely.-Carol

For more pictures and information: (
Post by: thaimonk on November 02, 2014, 04:22:46 PM
This news on Losang Tenpa by Carol is well researched and luckily Kelsang Oden of NKT confronted Duke and separated from him before it got very bad. This Losang Tenpa is shocking how he can cheat monks. I've called Pelgye Ling in Nepal and they wouldn't say much except the basic facts but said they are not associating with Sangha Jewel anymore. They said there are discrepancies when I pushed for more information and told them I have donated and have a right to know. The head monk is in NYC now and returning soon.
Post by: Rihanna on November 03, 2014, 08:41:09 AM
People say we should not judge a person by his past but a leopard doesn't change its spot, especially negative ones. The common practice is that public usually trust ordained beings because they hold 253 vows. It is so sad that the black sheep take advantage of this trust to cheat. I think the disciplinarian of the monastery he took ordination from should have taken stern action (I heard that canning is allowed in monasteries on errant monks so as to stop them from creating more negative karma?) instead of allowing him to run away to Nepal.
Post by: Tenzin Malgyur on November 04, 2014, 07:21:00 AM
Duke Okkelberg aka Losang Tenpa is obviously exploiting the kindness of the monks who have welcomed him to Shar Gaden Monastery. He even have the audacity to don the holy robes of a monk to further deceive and cheat money from the whole world on the names of the four monasteries. Well, he not only cheated money from unsuspecting lay people, he also cheated the monks of the money that they so direly needed.
I too, happened to be one of the contributor to the Sangha Jewels fund. I hope Losang Tenpa would channel the funds to those monasteries as promised. They are refugees and have been sidelined by their ruling government. Please do not add to their miseries anymore.
Post by: Maleficent on November 06, 2014, 08:04:36 AM
Fund embezzlement by Shugden worshippers - a crime beyond belief, or at least it was when reports of the scandal first emerged recently. After investigation the evidence has become overwhelming.  For more details and update visit: (
Post by: pgdharma on November 06, 2014, 01:55:28 PM
Unbelievable. A criminal under disguise as a monk and taking advantage of the monasteries for his own gain. How can he be so heartless and cheat people into believing that he is raising funds for the monasteries. Dorje Shugden monks are already suppressed by the CTA and now they are cheated of the funds they badly needed. Stern actions must be taken against Losang Tenpa!!!
Post by: Blueupali on November 10, 2014, 04:46:32 AM
You guys, I am not buying that people are necessarily "Shugden worshippers" who did this--- we seem to get attacked a lot-- but just because someone comes to a Shugden temple doesn't mean they really follow Shugden-- obviously, whatever aspect of Buddha they follow, if they even follow one, they made huge mistakes.
  Furthermore, I don't buy Abby was NKT--- like I have said ANYBODY is welcome in the NKT  ANYBODY can go there--- I never heard of Sangha Jewels until the 'monk' started posting this on so... anybody can say they have whatever afliation--- doesn't make it true.  I find it interesting that the "scandal" broke JUST as the virtual and in-person protests against the Dalai Lama were reaching like an embarrasing peak....
Post by: Thom on November 11, 2014, 03:38:35 AM
Trash talking is disgusting on this site. I do not see any Buddhist Practicing the Precepts Here. Negative gossip does not enhance your position. Only had fuel to a fire and the inner operations of a monastery are not your business to speculate, makes a tabloid playing into thurman's hands is my opinion.
Post by: Thom on November 11, 2014, 03:47:12 AM
Better to understand all the facts and not make assumptions posting slanderous remarks is not a wise choice.
Post by: Mana on November 11, 2014, 07:29:32 AM
Better to understand all the facts and not make assumptions posting slanderous remarks is not a wise choice.

Dear Thom, you have written in earlier today to remove your membership. Attached is your email to this site. Then you start posting again?


Name: thom
Email: [email protected]

Message: Kindly remove my account from your web site, I have no interest in people who slander others publically.

Post by: thaimonk on November 11, 2014, 08:32:03 AM
Trash talking is disgusting on this site. I do not see any Buddhist Practicing the Precepts Here. Negative gossip does not enhance your position. Only had fuel to a fire and the inner operations of a monastery are not your business to speculate, makes a tabloid playing into thurman's hands is my opinion.

You requested to be removed from this site. So why keep posting. Don't come back to this site. Don't read what's on it. It's not your business or concern and it is not about you. Go and relax. You wanted to be out, so be out. No one asked you out, but you did.

Why keep returning to a place that you dislike so much. It does not make sense. You know Thom, the gripe is not with you and you with us/me but Dharamsala. Focus your energies there. You introduced Losang Tenpa to Shar Gaden with good intentions years ago and it was up to Losang Tenpa to behave. He is not your responsibility. You didn't do anything wrong.

The monastery has disassociated from Sangha Jewels because they know there is something seriously wrong and they posted this separation from Sangha Jewels letter already. That speaks volumes.
Post by: thaimonk on November 11, 2014, 09:15:35 AM
The letter from Shar Gaden is to clear the own two monks and their alleged mistakes. It has nothing to do with Sangha Jewels and Duke which is completely another matter. Shar Gaden has separated totally from Sangha Jewels after the investigations they have done. Their separation reveals obviously they found something seriously wrong with Sangha Jewels. Therefore they have issued their letter of separation completely from Sangha Jewels. This has nothing to do with slander. This has nothing to do with anything except protecting the monastery from people like Duke. They have enough problems because of the ban Duke, please don't bring them more problems with this. And there is a possible strong investigation going on with your actions with young monks too now.

Kensur Rinpoche, Khen Rinpoche, HH Gaden Trisur, HH Trijang Rinpoche, Geshe Kelsang all cannot be wrong about this letter and their letter and who they support. Even NKT has disassociated completely from Sangha Jewels aka Duke aka Losang Tenpa. Your misdoings are revealed and all the lamas cannot be wrong.

Honestly speaking, if Losang Tenpa just quietly made friends with EVERYONE and not say malicious things about certain groups and create schism/factions in front and especially behind the scenes, he would not have brought attention to himself and all his misdoings. First with Dharma Bridge Kelsang Oden (who was duped by Duke-Kelsang Oden is innocent) and now Sangha Jewels. Duke stop create schisms, it will all catch up.

Losang Tenpa should be friends with everyone especially as he was feigning doing charity work and would of gotten the money without any attention. Losang Tenpa does all his work online just for getting money, nothing about the ban, CTA or the real 'enemies' in Dharamsala. He should focus his slanderous talk to 'Dharamsala' and not people here. Simple equation. Keep quiet and don't abuse the goose that lays the golden eggs and you would have more support. Losang Tenpa teaches just one class and the young monks complained they don't understand his classes and they much prefer the other Western teacher there who teaches over 5 classes a day and very sincere. Losang Tenpa does not attend any debates, or dharma classes or pujas as he says his knees can't take it. Well ask for a chair and sit at the back of the room or the entrance if you are really determined. They will make exceptions in the monastery.  But he is locked away in his room all the on his computer. What about the dating sites he is busy on telling everyone he is bi-sexual and looking for true love. Is this the action of a monk?

He has 17 convictions. That is 17 conscious crimes and not mistakes. Once or twice, we can think about it, but 17 times?  Some of very nasty things Duke/Losang Tenpa said to other people have been passed around without him knowing long ago. People were just keeping quiet about him. He must realize his 'friends' passed his messages of schism around behind his back long long long ago. Losang Tenpa should have quietly collected the money, kept some and give a little to the monastery and NO ONE WOULD HAVE KNOWN the better. In fact if he was honest and polite with everyone regardless as he is wearing robes and he should, he would have collected a lot more money! He should not have been overconfident and create schism and factions. Duke or Losang Tenpa should not keep attacking others ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU RELY ON THE PUBLIC FOR MONEY AND DONATIONS. I HAVE DONATED TO Dharma Bridge IN THE PAST WHEN IT FIRST STARTED!! And I feel conned. I am the public and I have donated! How do I feel? I gave you my money Duke!!

Wherever Duke aka Losang Tenpa has gone for the last 20 years has just been making trouble as you can see from his criminal records. Duke, I know ( would have sponsored you in Shar Gaden and your works if you have just been nice and not always make trouble. The monks told you already, that if you had been nice, this site would have sponsored you to do meditations, teaching English, retreats, purifications, learning etc in your spiritual life. To make a real honest change from that of a lifelong criminal to a spiritual person. And when you make that switch, you will not get immediate respect. Read about Anguimala carefully. But you have to keep going and be kind. You made your bed with a life filled with crime, now you sleep in it. You had some respect, ordination, and a purpose that was good for once in your life. The monks and public had hopes in you and YOU RUINED IT AGAIN. Why keep doing this-STOP IT ALREADY. STOP THE SCHEMES, THE GAMES, THE ANGER, THE LIES AND THE SCHISMS. BE KIND ALREADY. YOU ARE WEARING MAROON. Others who are in lay clothes are not under the spotlight. You are a monk and naturally you should be behaving much better OR YOU GIVE A BAD NAME TO THE DORJE SHUGDEN MONKS AND MONKS OVERALL. Stop running around crying and begging others for sympathy and support as this creates further schisms. But be a real monk, keep silent, absorb the problems and forget about reputation if any is left and PRACTICE AND BE A MONK ALREADY.

Even if we go on this forum way back and see the things you posted, it was not nice and schismatic. You like to create factions when not supported. YOU WANTED MONEY FROM the public here AND some WANTED TO HELP, BUT YOU DON'T BITE THE HAND OF THE PEOPLE YOU ARE SOLICITING FROM.


(see attached letter)

Post by: icy on November 11, 2014, 08:44:24 PM
This is not trash talking. We ought to think further what harm this scam can do in time to come if it has not been investigated and exposed now.  We need to appreciate that this issue has been brought to the public so people around the world would be prevented getting cheated out of their kindness and generosity.  I do not appreciate my hard earned money to go finance a scoundrel neither would anyone in the right mind not agree with me.   Besides, it is important that the reputation of the Shugden monasteries be protected and not be destroyed by this scoundrel.  It is the lineage of our precious protector that is already facing the adversity of the illogical ban now been attacked by this dangerous scam.  Did anyone think of this implication?
Post by: Maleficent on November 14, 2014, 02:22:07 PM
This is really bad indeed for our Shugden cause.  See what ex-NKT survivors sings about this in their 'Kelsangs Worldwide'.  Can we all report abuse for that profile to be taken down?  I guess we need as many people as possible reporting it.
Post by: thaimonk on November 20, 2014, 11:43:25 PM
Lets hope Sangha Jewels is closed completely. The people behind Sangha Jewels should never solicit money from the public again. Until now they have not shown records, statements or accounts. Definitely something is seriously wrong. It's easy to close down and just take the money and leave.

Let's hope their announcements is not another ploy to somehow misappropriate the money via the monasteries again. I don't really trust their announcements because they sure like to highlight and market themselves still. Sangha Jewels this and that. What do you all think?

It is shameful what they have done.

But let's keep a sharp watch what they are doing. Many Tibetans and non-Tibetans do not trust them at all anymore. They should really never do this again. So many people have been misled and hurt by all this.
Post by: christine V on November 21, 2014, 07:43:55 AM
Duke have destroyed the reputation of a Buddhist don't even mentioned that he is wearing a robe. How other people will trust further on fundraising via online when they seen this? Many donors like me, have doubt to even donate online and to even unsure where the money will be go to. But, sometimes as a donors we choose to keep silent and not ask where the fund going to is because we still have trust that the money have landed in good hand.

Duke have been staying in Shar Ganden for long. Doesn't he have any heart to see how the young monks the monks there suffered from the ban? A refugees in India, out from own homeland, discrimination from CTA, get insult from others people everyday, life threatening and  not even a proper food to eat every day, yet , Duke willing to add salt into wound and make the situation worst. 

I thanks people who have reveal his criminal and stopped further negative karma manifest.

Post by: thaimonk on November 21, 2014, 12:51:06 PM
I heard even NKT has stopped support of Sangha Jewels long ago. They have checked and seen discrepancies. NKT works so hard on proliferating Tsongkapa's lineage and removing the ban and they can also deal with problems of this nature. Very kind and caring.

Sangha Jewels aka Duke aka Losang Tenpa really went online and influenced negatively the minds of many to give him support or rather money or years. He aligned himself with many unsuspecting generous NKT people and really tricked them. In the end, he kept much of the money and never showed any statements.

People say never mind he was a criminal arrested 17 times and he can change, but he didn't change. He has damaged the reputation of some of the monasteries that believed in him. Duke never did anything for the ban or increase of Tsongkapa's teachings online. He saw a window of opportunity and used it for his personal financial gain. But he made a mistake as I read somewhere, he shouldn't have been overconfident and start creating schism and creating factions within the Shugden practitioners. One day people will not remain quiet about his misappropriations and speak up. One day people will have enough of all the untruths and schisms he has created. Too bad.

He became a monk for what and now I don't believe he should wear monk robes. Sorry.
Post by: Blueupali on November 22, 2014, 07:30:35 AM
Okay, somebody, tell me why we are saying "Abby Citron of NKT" I never heard of her; she doesn't work for the NKT in any way that I know of... anyone can join a church or Buddhist temple.... like would you say Abby Citron of the Methodist Church if she were implicated in a scandal but wasn't working as a representative of the Methodist Church?  What if she went to church once or twice, would you need to make everyone think the Methodists are involved?  What does the NKT have to do with any of this... nothing.... nada... but someone wants to put our name next to anything scandalous they can think of.
  So, as for telling people about it--- yes it's actually superbad karma to be stealing from the 3 Jewels and people need to know this is happening so they can not fall for a scam, okay.  We have church scams sometimes in the U.S.; they used to be very common with TV evangelists.
  I understand the sarcasm that 'no one would care if the 'monk' were friends with people..." but really, I would care because I don't want him getting heavy negative karmas in his future lives--- stealing from the Buddhist Sangha--- oh dear... no way.... we don't accept that as something we can continue...
Post by: kris on November 22, 2014, 07:04:02 PM
@geoff, thank you for exposing the crimes by  Duke and Abby. I can see that there are quite a lot of efforts are being put in to investigate the case, and to alert others so that people especially the sponsors are not being cheated. All I can say is that most of time, people are more trusting and less defensive when dealing with people in spiritual organisation. Although this lesson is very expensive, we need to learn from this experience and not let people like Duke or Abby to take advantage.
Post by: lotus1 on November 23, 2014, 05:34:04 AM

Thank you for exposing the issues and crimes by Duke and Abby. The Sangha Jewels has caused a lot of damage to the Buddhist society especially the Dorje Shugden society that has been facing a lot of discrimination and schism due to the ban. With this Sangha Jewels issues, sponsors like me would be very cautious and many may even stop all the sponsorship to the monasteries. Besides, he has given more reasons to anti-Shugden and CTA to create more harm to the Shugden practitioners. Duke should provide all account statements and information about the fund received and all the paypal accounts and the funds publicly and to the monasteries.

Post by: DharmaDefender on January 04, 2015, 04:43:39 AM
Another one to watch out for, from this Robert Carey chap. People nick images online all the time, I dont know why its such a big deal for him.