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 The Tibetan Government in Exile in India and its representative offices around the world must be inundated with physical letters, emails and phone calls. These peaceful letters/phone calls must contain details which this website is rich in. The human rights and freedom to religion issue will not hold water with them because after ten years of fear tactic campaigns, outwardly the monks are told it is freedom to pick in the referendum, but actually they have a 'gun' pointed at their heads to pick the 'yellow' sticks.

The Tibetan offices throughout the world must be inundated with letters. Also the Monastic offices:
(Either way they must know, the world knows)

Sera Mey
Sera Je
Gaden Shartse
Gaden Jangtse
Drepung Gomang
Drepung Loseling
Tashi Lunpo-South India
Namgyal Monastery-Dharamsala
Sera Mey-Pomra Khangtsen
Gaden Shartse-Dhokhang khangtsen
Dorje Shugden Charitable Society-new Delhi
Tibet House New York
Trijang Intstitute -USA

Even Celebrities who are involved with Tibetan Buddhim to raise awareness within them:

Richard Gere
Keanu Reeves
Steven Seagall
Oprah Winfrey (very important to bring to her attention)
Larry King
Prince Andrew of UK
Former VP Al Gore


Glenn Mullin
Professor Jeffry Hopkins
Robert Thurman

Publishing Houses:

Snow Lion