Sacred Head

His Eminence Kyabje Phara Dorje Chang

This is a very sacred head of Dorje Shugden. It was made by Kyabje Phara Dorje Chang of Gaden Jangtse Monastery shortly before his passing when they were all still in Buxa refugee Camp in North India. That time, the jungle nearby was said to be haunted and monks who went into the jungle for toilet, etc. even in the daytime would sometimes disappear and they would later be found hung by their necks,  dead.

At that time, Kyabje Phara Dorje Chang was manifesting some insanity, and one of things he would do would be to go into the jungle in the middle of the night and emerge the following morning unharmed  This clearly showed he was a mahasiddha of sorts. He was famous for giving Dorje Shugden sogtae (empowerment) to many and exhibited great clairvoyance. Most seniors in Gaden Jangtse Monastery were his students and highly respected this eminent lama.

One day, Kyabje Phara Dorje Chang came of out the jungle with a lump of clay, sat down and began to mix it with water and shape it. The end result was this Dorje Shugden head, which according to Kundeling Rinpoche, should have been impossible to make by hand, and the expression is the best one he has ever seen. May all of you be blessed by viewing the rare images of this blessed Dorje Shugden head sculpture.




Sacred handmade head of Dorje Shugden made by Kyabje Phara Dorje Chang

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  1. This is indeed a very sacred image. The details to the image is just unbelievable. The kind of precision to the details and angle of the image is just so realistic. I believe that even masters of clay crafting would need their tools to create such a magnificent and detailed image.

    Thank you for making this available for all us here to be able to see the view of such a sacred image.

  2. I cannot express the serenity and tears of joy just by looking at the Sacred Head. Yes like what is mentioned, the details are with such precision and is immaculate. When others enter the jungle and end up dead it is quite clear that there are harmful spirits in there. When Kyabje Phara Dorje Chang went in and came out unharmed, and then by hand, made this Sacred Head it is only more evidence to prove that Dorje Shugden is NOT a harmful spirit but a Sacred Protector. Need we say more?? The Ban, again as proven, has NO basis. Plus the Ban causes harm and death…the Ban is evil.

  3. Dear Admin,

    Thank you for posting this wondering pictures of this sacred head of Dorje Shugden on this website. I have heard a little bit of the crazy and wonderful divine actions of Phara Dorje Chang before. I didn’t think he was as Mahasiddha-like in his previous life. However, looks like he was as well and I wonder why he only fashioned the head and not the entire body as well into a powerfully charged statue. Perhaps, there was not enough clay to about doing that…;)
    Om Benza Wiki Bitana Soha!

  4. The making of this sacred head is alike one of those man-made wonders.
    A lama who is able to display such skills and is able to come out of the forest unharmed by spirits is no ordinary lama as he pure in his vows and samaya. For such a lama to choose and create Dorje Shugden’s image as a method to protect the monks and bring peace to the forest clearly shows the function of Dorje Shugden – to protect practitioners and ultimately the dharma. Very blessed indeed to see such a man-made wonder.

  5. I am blessed to have the chance to view this sacred head of Powerful Protector, Dorje Shugden. The image tagged at my heart and I felt touched by the very presence of Dorje Shugden.

    With the protection from Dorje Shugden, HE Kyabje Phara Dorje Chang was able to go into a haunted jungle, where many monks got lost or found dead, came out and hand made such a beautiful Sacred Head with just a lump of clay.

    As mentioned by Kundeling Rinpoche, it was almost an unattainable task. But there you are, with the compassion of Dorje Shugden and kindness of, I have this opportunity to feast my eyes on this Sacred object and obtain blessings.

  6. Kyabje Phara Dorje Chang is indeed a highly attained Lama. For him be able to go to the jungle and came out the next day unharmed. This is just amazing, be able to have this opportunity to witness one of the sacred items of Dorje Shugden. Thank you Admin for sharing this wonderful article and hopefully more and more people will realize that what the other party is banning are baseless and illogical. May the ban be lifted soon and is doing a good job by giving the general public not only on information regarding the ban but in general Buddhism as well. From this website we are be able to study and learn if what the other party is doing making any sense?

    Just wondering why did he make Dorje Shugden head from the clay of the jungle?

  7. Feeling blessed by just viewing this sacred head scrupture of powerful dorje Shugden, the picture from different angles are all in proportion and wonderfully made.
    May all be protected and blessed by just viewing this sacred image.
    Thank youn Admin for this wonderful post.

  8. A lama like Phara Rinpoche’s stature cannot be wrong in his practise. Since he was a teacher to many seniors in Gaden Jangtse Monatery and they respected him highly, it must show that he had some qualities and attainments to be qualified to be in that position. If they say that Phara Rinpoche is wrong, then the many teachings his students in Gaden Jangtse received from him would be wrong as it comes from an ‘unclean’ and ‘wrong’ source. So there are many Jangtse monks who in actual fact have practise wrongly throughout their entire lives. And if you say by listening to His Holiness in giving up the practise and you would be okay, that’s not true also, because the karma would have already been made. How can a lama like Phara Rinpoche who is so highly attained and realized make such a mistake in doing the practise of Dorje Shugden?

    Since he conferred many Dorje Shugden Sogtae to students, it symbolises that this is the practise of most benefit and would help the people of today’s time. Why didn’t Phara Rinpoche confer other initiations or empowerments if they were equally as important?

    To make something as intricate, long lasting and well done as the clay figure head of Dorje Shugden shows that Phara Rinpoche was not an ordinary being as evidenced by many. Many talk about Phara Rinpoche’s clairvoyance, so if he can see ahead in time, and clearly knew that Dorje Shugden was the practise to be done by the mass, he would’ve started to pave the way for that to happen whilst alive..hence the many DS sogtaes and this amazing clay figure of Dorje Shugden.

  9. Woowwww….cannot believed that DS got a holy head. It is so powerful, I feel. Immediately I feel myself fall in love in this holy head. It’s COOL and so beautiful. The head is so powerful and blessed even look at the picture. I feel the head is manifested by DS himself. It’s so real.

  10. We are truly blessed by seeing this sacred head of Powerful Protector, Dorje Shugden here…

    Thanks and admin that always bring surprise to us here…

    The handmade skill is amazing, all the features are look so real just as Kundeling Rinpoche said, should have been impossible to make by hand, and the expression is the best one he has ever seen.

  11. By seeing all pictures above i’m felt very blessed, thank you admin for sharing !!

    Another Lama was highly attained as Dorje Shugden practitioner and famous giving Dorje Shugden Sogtae with great clairvoyance. Shouldn’t doubt about this deity and having wrong view, may all my future life able to practise Dorje shugden again.

  12. How awesome to be able to view this sacred head and hear about this DS Lama. Truly an inspiration and blessing. Thank you for sharing this with many.

  13. This is very sacred indeed!. It is amazing that Kyabje Phara Dorje Chang came out of the jungle unharmed and created this sacred head of Dorje Shugden which he was able to produce with his bare hands!

    Thank you, Admin, for sharing this sacred head.

  14. Kyabje Phara Dorje Chang indeed a great Mahasiddha. I love reading the weird ways of the Mahasiddha actions which is actually generated from their great wisdom to act differently to suit the environment, culture and situation. It’s blessed to be able to see the sacred Lord Shugden head which mentioned it’s impossible make by hand.
    This also showed that he great practitioner of Lord Shugden can never be disturb by any negative energy such as mentioned in the forest.

  15. Thank you so much to sharing this sacred handmade head of Dorje Shugden made by Kyabje Phara Dorje Chang. I feel so blessed. It is amazing and I cannot believe is handmade!!

    May everyone be blessed by Dorje Shugden and may every high lamas to life long and always to turn the wheel of dharma. May dorje shugden practice spread far and wide.

  16. Wow! Phara Dorje Chang is indeed a great lama and Mahasiddha. I heard that he has exhibited similar propensities in this life as a Mahasiddha as well. Unfortunately, I heard that his students broke their samaya with him and hence, he has since left the monastery and is in lay clothes now, first as a bus driver and then as a police inspector. It’s too bad that such a great Mahasiddha and Lama who has the amazing abilities to bless and benefit his students and the monastery has left.

  17. This blessed Dorje Shugden head sculpture is very scared and very powerful. This head sculpture was made out of a compassion heart of a high Lama! And this shows clearly the power of our lineage(including Dorje Shugden protector) and the lineage Gurus are REAL! Dorje Shugden is so powerful that can protect the Lama and others. Even Kyabje Phara Dorje Chang practiced Dorje Shugden and out of compassion to safeguard the monks and others, He made the head sculpture with His own bare hands just before He passed away, How great this Shugden Lama is.

    Thank you for the wonderful story and photos! Appreciate it!

  18. Due to the kindness of our Gurus and the 3 jewels, many and various miracles are performed. All we need to do is develop the faith to see the “magic” and strengthen our faith in their wisdom and compassion as well as the liberation to which the Dharma will lead us.

    It is rue that such fine finishing to the sculpture is almost impossible without the use of proper tools. Therefore, the production of such a beautiful image with precise facial expression must be the work of a very special being and purity of action combined.

    Thank you admin for your generosity to always share valuable information with us. Information will develop our understanding and faith in the Dharma, which is most necessary during these degenerate times.

  19. Oh My Buddha! This is so sacred! Thanks for posting the article and pictures.

    His Eminence Kyabje Phara Dorje Chang definitely is an attained master. The facial expression is so real and lively.

    I believe the wrathful face of Dorje Shugden is to subdue the untamed mind, and lead them to inner and outer serenity.

  20. The expression of this image is very alive, i can imagine when Dorje Shugden comes to live it will be of this look. People who have the opportunity to view this image is extra blessed. Kyabje Phara Dorje Chang must be a highly attained mahasiddha, i guess he must have went into the jungle to subdue and tamed the spirits, so that they won’t create further harm to the the people.

  21. I feel so blessed can see the holy image. Thank you share this article with us. If we are not told, we will not believe the sculpture is hand made. I wish to have deep imprint on this image of Shudgen head sculpture. I make a wish that I can recognise Shudgen in all my future life.

  22. The making of a sculpture itself is already something amazing, what more this sacred head sculpture Dorje Shugden by a mahasiddha? The sculpture is done so nicely with proportionate measurements that I find it difficult to be made with just clay, water and a sculptor. If the making of this scared head has stopped all the harms in the jungle, it has proven that the deity to which the head represents is no ordinary being, so is the person who made it. Thank you for showing us the pictures of this sacred head!

  23. Oh Wow!! The sacred head looks so real and haunting. Definitely will be able to subdue and tame the spirits and also our huge ego. It is such a blessing to be able to see it. May all be blessed by just having a glance at him. Thank you for bringing him to us.

  24. i like the recount where Kyabje Phara Dorje Chang came out from the jungle with a lump of clay then later use the clay made a head sculpture of Dorje Shugden.
    Kyabje Phara Dorje Chang was very compassion, using his knowledge and skills pacifyiing the negative energies in that area, especially spirits harm inside the jungle.

  25. i like the recount where Kyabje Phara Dorje Chang came out from the jungle with a lump of clay then later use the clay made a head sculpture of Dorje Shugden.
    Kyabje Phara Dorje Chang was very compassion, using his knowledge and skills pacifyiing the negative energies in that area, especially spirits harm inside the jungle.

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