Author Topic: Mummified Buddhist monk to be Enshined in Gold  (Read 8935 times)


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Mummified Buddhist monk to be Enshined in Gold
« on: July 15, 2019, 05:41:07 AM »
For many of us this non-fiction reading can inspire us on:

"A Chinese Buddhist monk who died away in 2012 has been covered with gold leaf and is expected to be used as a shrine.

Fu Hou was a devout Buddhist monk, who began studying Buddhism at the age of 13, and remained practising until he died at the age of 94, the Telegraph reports.

Following his decision that he wanted to be preserved after his death, Fu Hou’s body was treated by two mummification experts and placed in a jar.

Mummification and preservation is a treatment reserved for devout men, and it is believed that only the bodies of truly virtuous Buddhists will remain intact.

Three years after mummification, Fu Hou’s body was found to still be well preserved, and to have remained in the upright sitting position in which it was mummified.

The monk’s body has now been covered in gauze, laquer and gold leaf, and he is due to be placed in a glass case on top of a mountain so that he may inspire others to follow Buddhism."


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Re: Mummified Buddhist monk to be Enshined in Gold
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2019, 08:57:27 AM »
When a Buddhist master has gained high attainment, they are able to control their death. Prior to their death, they are able to prepare themselves just like how this monk did. This is not uncommon or unheard of.

Many scientists are curious about this phenomena but until today they still cannot explain how is that possible. So, is science more advanced than spiritual practices? There are many paranormal and phenomena science cannot explain. I personally think science is not so advanced to prove everything.

This monk demonstrates what Buddha has been teaching, therefore, Buddha's teaching has to be the truth. If we practise what the Buddha has taught, we will be able to see the truth of reality and be liberated from Samsara where all sufferings originated from.