Author Topic: Lobsang Sangay, See You in Court!  (Read 2014 times)


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Re: Lobsang Sangay, See You in Court!
« Reply #15 on: March 25, 2019, 04:49:47 AM »
Lobsang Sangay is such a big disgrace. What has he achieved ever since he became the Sikyong? First, the Tibetan Government In Exile was downgraded to Central Tibetan Administration; then from Prime Minister, Lobsang Sangay is downgraded to President.

There is much negative news about Lobsang Sangay. He misuses the fund and owes the Tibetans an answer; he is having an affair with Sharling Dhardon and he uses his power to give Sharling Dhardon a high position in the government; he sexually assaulted a female intern. These are just a few negative news of Lobsang Sangay, I believe there are many more.

It is good to know that some Tibetans are exercising their right. They gave the power to Lobsang Sangay, they also have the right to demand an answer from him. Unfortunately, Lobsang Sangay is running the CTA like his personal company, he refused to meet with the Tibetans to answer their questions. I hope one day many more Tibetans will join their forces and give pressure to Lobsang Sangay so that he will do what he is supposed to do as the leader of the community.

Lobsang Sangay should be brought to the court not only because he siphoned the money that was meant for the Tibetans but because he has indirectly murdered hundreds of lives. Lobsang Sangay encourages the Tibetans to self immolate so he can use the self-immolation cases to earn sympathy from the sponsors and get more money. He even allowed a guide book to self-immolation being published and circulated in the Tibetan community. He is pure evil!


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Re: Lobsang Sangay, See You in Court!
« Reply #16 on: June 22, 2019, 07:04:16 PM »
Lobsang Sangay's crime is not limited to encouraging the Tibetans to self-immolate or siphoning the money, but he also had molested many women. He thinks he is the leader of the Tibetan community so he can get away with it easily.

This is just how the Tibetans work. The more power one has, the more hanky-panky thing they are able to do. Some Tibetan politicians or even monks like to use the Dalai Lama's name when they are confronted by the authority, hoping that they can get away with things.

Lobsang Sangay had molested not 1 but a few women. Because he is the leader in the Tibetan community, no one dares to confront him. Many women did not want to re-live the bad experience so they choose to remain in silent. If Lobsang Sangay does not change his attitude and behaviour, one day he will end up like Dagri Rinpoche.